The benefits of walnuts include slowing down prostate cancer — NaturalHealth365 – October 26, 2019

(NaturalHealth365) Despite their high fat content, it’s long been understood that nuts can still have their place in a healthy diet. In fact, we now know that the ‘carb-craze’ of the last few decades had it all wrong.  Healthy fats, like those found in walnuts, are essential for brain and heart function plus improved nutrient absorption. →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2004 – What is Being Done Economically, Devastating for the Deep State – October 26, 2019

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Published Oct 25, 2019

Did You Notice What Is Being Done Economically, Many Are Overlooking It – Episode 2004a

BJ is giving the elite and ultimatum, either vote for the BREXIT deal or have another snap election, if they decide to do neither we might be headed into a no-deal BREXIT. The USMCA is a very important deal, the entire framework was developed to create a North American manufacturing base, which will be used in the transition.The US and China are now agreeing on the intellectual properties part of the agreement. The [CB] are now storing their gold at military facilities.


Pain Coming, It Will Devastating For The [DS], Watch Those Who Scream The Loudest – Episode 2004b

The [DS] is in a full panic, the [DS] is getting hit from all sides and the patriots just pushed out the next wave and the [DS] players are feeling it. We find out that the 302’s were modified by LP. Brennan, Obama and Clapper are in the crosshairs. The IG FISA report will be released soon. Watch for those who scream the loudest, many will become ill, others will flip, the entire agenda of the [DS] has now fallen apart, the patriots are in full control.


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Mike Quinsey Message, October 25, 2019

25th October 2019. Mike Quinsey.

(The Tree Of The Golden Light)   A solitary life is not necessarily one without needed experiences and offers much time for contemplation, and certainly those quiet periods in your life are opportunities to clear the clutter from your mind. Clear thinking comes with positive knowledge that enables you to follow a life plan that is assured of opportunities to further your evolution. Have a life plan, and if it is in line with your needs it will be supported by your Guides. It will also enable you to make decisions that are going to advance your plans in a way that is beneficial to you. What are often called the coincidences in life are intended moments that have been arranged on your behalf, to keep you on track with your life contract. Be assured that there are often times when your spiritual progress is taking place in accordance with plans laid down prior to your incarnation. →

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