(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2007 – Fed Push Blocked by Patriots, Impeachment Plan Revealed – October 30, 2019

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Published Oct 29, 2019

MSM/[CB] Now Pushing To Regain The Economic Narrative, Blocked By The Patriots – Episode 2007a

The economy is doing exactly what the patriots want the economy to do. Statistically it is is soaring. This is being done on purpose, in the end this will be to trap the [CB]. Housing prices are coming down, pending homes sales popped up, consumer confidence up, tax rebates are helping the people. The [CB] is now making a move to take back the narrative, the patriots will block this, the patriots are in control. Trump hits the [CB] again, letting everyone know that the [CB] is keeping the US from greatness.


[DS] Impeachment Plan Revealed, Patriots Counter, Plan Has Already Failed – Episode 2007b

The [DS] is pushing their agenda, they are running out of time. The Covington lawsuit is back on.  More government employees pass away. AS and NP push the fake impeachment angle, they are putting it up to a vote, but its not what everyone thinks. The patriots are ready for this. Flynn’s judge postpones the hearing. Comey’s memos have been changed, the truth is coming out. Unrest around the world, the people are unhappy with the elite.


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