(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2014 – Trap Door Clause, Next Wave Coming – November 7, 2019

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Published Nov 6, 2019

BJ Has A Trap Door Clause, Time To End Federal Income Taxes – Episode 2014a

BJ has planned the BREXIT perfectly, he has the EU and the elite exactly where he wants them, within the plan there is a trap door clause and the wording in the plan allows BJ to trade with other countries. The US economy has doing better than ever. Texas just passed a bill to get rid of state income tax, it is now time TF says to get rid of the federal income tax.


Did Barr/Durham Meet An Important Person?, Next Wave Coming – Episode 2014b

The [DS] impeachment plan with their secret hearings is now falling apart rapidly, as they [DS] releases these transcripts we are finding that there is nothing, there is no there, there. Trump countered all of this with the release of the phone transcript, the [DS] is following their script because they don’t have another plan. Barr and Durham had someone very interesting visit them, does this have to with Assange, the investigation, it starting to look like it. DOJ case against Flynn is now falling apart, SP cornered the operatives, they are trapped by their own doing. The patriots are controlling it all, the [DS] is doing exactly what they want them to do.


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