(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2020 – Setup Complete, Senate was the Key – November 14, 2019

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Published Nov 13, 2019

Have The Patriots Completed The Setup Of The [CB] To Push An Audit? – Episode 2020a

The patriots are in the process of setting up the [CB], I think we are nearing that point where the patriots are going to start using everything that is happening in the economy against the [CB]. The Fed has reported it will not cut rates, they are done. Trump and the patriots have trapped, if they cut it works for the patriots if they don’t it benefits the patriots.


Senate Was The Key To Expose The [DS], Perfectly Executed – Episode 2020b

The [DS] held their fake impeachment hearings, the entire sham fell apart today. Witnesses have first hand knowledge, these witnesses had nothing. What did come out of these public hearings shows that the [DS] has one agenda and one agenda only, remove the President. The IG FISA report is now in the next stage and the timing of the report is very close to TG.


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