St. Germain via Galaxygirl | November 30, 2019 — Voyages of Light

St. Germain ~ galaxygirl~ 11/30/2019

Voyages of Light  Hello friends and family. I am your St. Germaine. I am here on official business, which is to cheer you up and to let you now that yes, all is proceeding nicely and that the payouts are being paid out. Now to those of you who have not heard hide nor hare of this it may feel like this proclamation is a bit of an eye roller. And I understand, I can see and sense that many of you are a bit steamed that this has taken so long. My friend, my family, this has been a tremendous undertaking. The amount of darkness and enmeshment that has been put upon Gaia and her inhabitants has been the darkest of the dark places in the universe. I say this with all sincerity. It is for this reason that we have had to take utmost care to ensure the success of this mission! And we have! →

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