(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2045 – Boris Johnson has the Backing; Trump’s Economy Gains Strength – December 14, 2019

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Report date:12.13.2019

BJ Has The Backing For The BREXIT, Trump’s Economy Gains Strength – Episode 2045a

The results are in, the patriots have won in the UK, BJ now has the power to get BREXIT done. Trump is ready to make a trade deal with the UK which will bypass the EU. Trump announce that the Phase 1 trade deal has been made and tariffs are not being reduced. The globalist system is being dismantled.


Obama Sends Message, Flynn Exactly [30], [GS] Makes His Move – Episode 2045b

The [DS]/Ds voted for impeachment today, it now moves to the full house. Since the FISA report has been released the people are getting the first wave of the truth. The IG report will now have an effect on Flynn’s case. Flynn free in [30]. [GS] makes his move with the elections. [BO] sends a message to [DS] players and China. Trump and the patriots are in control, the [DS] is panicking.


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