(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2049 – The Founding Fathers Warned Us; First Indictment Will Trigger Mass Awakening – December 19, 2019

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Report date: 12.18.2019

The Founding Fathers Warned Us, The [CB] Must Go – Episode 2049a

The founding fathers knew that having a [CB] control the currency in the US was not a benefit to the people. The [CB] is a burden on the economy, it does not allow people to thrive, it allows a small portion of the population to reach the top, the majority of the people struggle every single day. The value of currency declines every single day which makes it harder on the people.


First Indictment Will Trigger Mass Awakening, Arrests Will Verify – Episode 2049b

The [DS]/Ds are pushing the fake impeachment, they are having a vote and most likely they will vote to impeach Trump, this was always the plan, the patriots knew that this was going to happen. Horowitz has now said that there was political bias, that the entire investigation should have been shutdown because the upper agents needed to use the rules to make sure everything was on the up and up, they didn’t. Q drops more bread, the first indictment will trigger mass awakening the first arrest will verify that other will be arrested. Patriots have planned this from the beginning, control, truth, justice and united people is the plan.


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