Quiet Time — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – December 22, 2019

The quiet time has arrived, dearest child.  Use it to collect your thoughts, indulge in some self-care and assessment and manifest!  Now that the vibrational energy has shifted, many things can be accomplished with very little effort on your part.  Think, believe and create the world in which you want to live. ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings

Create a Vastly Different World Overnight ∞The 9D Arcturian Council — Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – December 22, 2019

Create a Vastly Different World Overnight ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been following the developments in your consciousness evolution, and when there are huge spikes, surges, in the vibration that you offer, overall as a collective. We are happy witness one of those spikes occurring at this time, and we are eager to see what you will do with the increase in the vibration of your consciousness. There are lots of agendas out there for humanity, and there is also a lot of opposition to an agenda. A certain percentage of people will say that humanity will say that humanity needs to move in this direction, and an equally high number of people will resist that. →

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The Angels: Happy Season of Light — Era of Light – December 22, 2019

angel messages eraoflightdotcom

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Winter Solstice Happy holy holiday season of celebrating life and light! We in the heavens feel your love as the human race strives during this season to share it with one another – more so than at any other time of year.

We see countless souls taking time to visit with one another and to share their love via gifts, cards, baked good, crafts, traditions, meals, and heartfelt thoughts. We see the multitudes assisting those in need, sharing their love by donating to charitable causes, baking to raise money for those in need, writing letters of encouragement to people they’ll never meet, and so much more. ➤➤

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(Video) X22 Dave Interviews Robert David Steele in the Trump Revolution, Impeachment Sham, Wikileaks Drop Soon? — Public Intelligence Blog – December 22, 2019

X22Report Spotlight

Published – Dec 21, 2019 

Video: “Something Big Is About To Drop From Wikileaks:Robert David Steele” (1:06:43) via — Public Intelligence Blog 

or via X22Report Spotlight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fkd-KMGUfyI&feature=youtu.be

Healing Modern Epidemics with Plant Medicine – FREE Online Event — Wake Up World – December 22, 2019

(Wakeup World)  Have you had trouble sorting out valid health advice from questionable marketing claims? Have you consulted with doctors and practitioners and received multiple — and sometimes conflicting — diagnoses, medications, herbal remedies, and supplements?

It can be difficult to separate misleading or irrelevant information from genuine proven and time-tested knowledge and wisdom – and if you’re already receiving standard medical treatment, it’s not easy to work out how to safely integrate natural medicine.

Help is at hand. Join us and celebrated plant medicine pioneer David Crow for a FREE online video event: Healing Modern Epidemics with Plant Medicine: How to Avoid Pop Medicine & Trendy Diagnoses to Find Real Solutions.

During this free online event, you’ll discover: →

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Varning för bedräglig forskning — VAKEN.se – 22 December, 2019

(VAKEN.se)  Läkemedelsindustrins lönsammaste piller någonsin i historien är kolesterolsänkande statiner som till dags dato tros ha dragit in ca. 10 000 miljarder kronor. Hundratals miljoner människor varav en miljon i Sverige står idag på statiner som ger en lång rad svåra biverkningar. Jag har tidigare skrivit om det här på bloggen. Dessa piller har bidragit till att göra ålderdomen miserabel för miljontals åldringar som blivit pådyvlade dem av okunniga läkare som är starkt influerade av Big Pharmas intressen. I medicinkatalogen FASS dit industrin skall rapportera in observerade biverkningar vid utprovningen av pillren, spelas dessa biverkningar ner och påstås vara ytterst sällsynta. Men det är inte sanning. Nästan alla får mer eller mindre obehagliga och ibland direkt farliga biverkningar. →

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Hacking The Planet: The Climate Engineering Reality — Humans Are Free – December 22, 2019

The Climate Engineering Reality

(Humans Are Free)  In the mid 1940’s global powers made the decision to intervene in Earth’s climate and life support systems without the knowledge or consent of populations.

The weather makers tell us their programs are a form of mitigation for global warming, but is this the truth?

Is climate engineering / solar radiation management helping to cool the planet?

Or are the ongoing geoengineering operations only temporarily cooling some regions at the cost of further fueling the overall rapid unraveling of Earth’s climate and life support systems?

Read more & Climate engineering educational documentary video: “Hacking The Planet: The Climate Engineering Reality ( Dane Wigington GeoengineeringWatch.org )” (43:57) via  — Humans Are Free

Adlibris krånglar med Jacob Nordangårds bok om Rockefeller — NewsVoice – 22 December, 2019

Jacob Nordangard, maj 2019. Foto: SwebbTV.se
Jacob Nordangård, maj 2019. Foto: SwebbTV.se

(NewsVoice)  NOTERAT. Jacob Nordangård som är författare och en av grundarna bakom Stiftelsen Pharos utmanar makten och han gör det med besked. Hans senaste bok ”Rockefeller – en klimatsmart historia” som även kommer ut på engelska kastar strålkastarljuset på Rockefeller-familjens ”smarta” planer för oss alla och hela världen. Nu krånglar Adlibris med tillgången till boken. →

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2020 Predictions on Trump, Economy, War and Unrest – Gerald Celente — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog – December 22, 2019

Gerald Celente

(USAWatchdog)  Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, says his magazine motto is “Tomorrow’s news today.” Celente says, “We are the only magazine in the world that tells you history before it happens.”

Let’s start with what just happened to President Trump with the House of Representatives voting to impeach. Is this going to hurt or help President Trump? Celente says, “It’s going to help Trump. Obviously, the Senate is not going to convict him, and this is just a total waste of time. . . . It was not bi-partisan, and it was totally illegitimate. When it all began, we told our Trends Journal subscribers don’t pay any attention to this because it’s a waste of time and energy. There’s a whole world going on out there, and all you are going to get from the dumb U.S. media is impeachment this and impeachment that. It adds up to zero, and it’s going to help Trump.” →

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(Video) Anonymous: Before You Continue, Watch! This Will Leave You Speechless.. — Prepare For Change – December 22, 2019

We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

(Prepare For Change)  Anonymous is a decentralized international hacktivist group that is widely known for its various DDoS cyber attacks against several governments, government institutions and government agencies, corporations, and the Church of Scientology.

Video: “Before You Continue, WATCH! This Will Leave You Speechless” (11:02) via  — Prepare For Change