(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2052 – Trump Is Reversing The [CB]/[DS] Economic Plan; Patriots Getting Ready To Drop The MOAB – December 23, 2019

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Report date: 12.22.2019

It’s Happening, Trump Is Reversing The [CB]/[DS] Economic Plan – Episode 2052a

Trump and the patriots are now clearing the way to make the economic transition. Before the transition can occur the US population needs to be brought together, by having the lower income population get jobs, remove taxes and equalize wages.


[DS] Warning People Not To Look, Patriots Getting Ready To Drop The MOAB – Episode 2052b

The [DS] is trapped by their own doing, the patriots have them exactly where they want them. Every action they take is exposing them to the country, which in turn wakes the population up. Admiral Rogers is now working with the investigative team, the [DS] is trying to get ahead of the MOAB by telling people that it is the Russian, it’s disinformation do not look, this will fail.


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