How the Light is Liberating Earth | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart — Voyages of Light – December 26, 2019

(Voyages of Light)  Me: Ivo, I’m getting the sense that this liberation that you’re conducting is using a lot of techniques that we don’t necessarily use here on earth.

Ivo: Of course, my love, we are far more capable in mind than the people on your planet are.

Me: Like, Commander Markarel told me that you brainwash the dark ones into believing you’re no threat to them, so you get away with a lot of things that, had they been in their typical frame of mind, they would have attacked you for. That reminds me of those Borg scenes in Star Trek TNG.

Ivo: Yes, that is true, my love. We do brainwash them. We use the same techniques upon them that they do upon you. →

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Top 10 “Bizarro” Stories of 2019 — The Truth About Cancer – December 26, 2019


In direct contradiction to the scare stories about carbon dioxide being relentlessly pushed by the climate change alarmists, a scientific study published in Nature Climate Change and highlighted by NASA reveals that rising carbon dioxide levels are having a tremendously positive impact on the re-greening of planet Earth over the last three decades, with some regions experiencing over a 50% increase in plant life. →

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It’s about time: AG Barr calls out commie agitator George Soros for financing anti-police, anti-law enforcement district attorneys — – December 26, 2019

(Natural News) Billionaire financier George Soros has wrecked the economies of several nations. He has openly admitted to a plan to flood Europe and the West with poor refugees as a means of destroying their cultures and creating chaos. He’s not popular and not wanted in his home country of Hungary. →

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Do What Is Best — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – December 26, 2019

Dearest child; boundaries are going to be a critical part of your new existence. If you participate in an experience/situation that feels uncomfortable from the beginning, it may always be that way. Yes, you are able to change your energy but others are responsible for themselves. You are in the process of creating a new reality/world for yourself. Listen to and follow your heart…do what is best for you. ~ Creator

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The Higher Vibrational Approach ∞The 9D Arcturian Council — Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – December 26, 2019

The Higher Vibrational Approach ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied, as always, with the progress that we see humanity making at this time, and we are very encouraged by the way that you have been able to resolve issues with the other important people in your lives. We see more acceptance, more understanding, and more unconditional love than ever before on your planet. We see you rising above disputes from your past, offering forgiveness, and releasing resistance to those individuals in your lives that have given you the most reasons to push against them. →

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The Testimony of Randy Cramer; A Soldier of The Mars Defense Force — Era of Light – December 26, 2019

serving the open mind eraoflightdotcom

(Era of Light)  Randy Cramer’s life experiences are either incredible or absurd. He reports that he spent 20 years as a Marine in the U.S. Secret Space Program (SSP). His tour of duty ➤➤

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Native Women Were Forcibly Sterilized — and They Fought Back — Prepare For Change – December 26, 2019

(Prepare For Change)  In the 1970s, over 40 percent of Native women were sterilized either without their knowledge or using coercion.

By Kelly Hayes,

was 12 years old when I first heard about the forced sterilization of my people. A close friend of my family — the kind of person you call “auntie,” even though you’re not related — who was Menominee, like me, told me and my sister that she worried about Native girls who were registered tribal members. Even though we didn’t live on a reservation, our “auntie” feared the reach of the government and the violence it had so often disguised as “health care.” She came of age during the 1970s, at the height of the government’s forced sterilizations of Native women. Close friends of hers had been sterilized without their knowledge. I was too young to fully understand the trauma she carried, knowing that such violence had been perpetrated against people she loved, and knowing that any Native person, like her, who was capable of giving birth, was under threat. Looking back, I understand why she remained frightened, in spite of public health victories that had caused forced sterilizations to ebb in the U.S., and in spite of the fact that we didn’t receive our medical care through the Indian Health Service. My “auntie” had lived through a massive genocidal onslaught. Her sense of dread was permanent. →

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FN bedriver historiens största bedrägeri — – 26 December, 2019


(  I centrum för klimatfrågan står globalisternas centralorganisation FN. Redan i början av 70-talet identifierade FN-byråkratin frågor om den globala miljön och antropogen miljöpåverkan som ett instrument för att lyfta FN:s roll från att vara en renodlad fredsorganisation, till att skaffa sig en mer exekutiv global maktställning. Bakom den strävan står mycket stora globala ekonomiska intressen som drivs av västvärldens rikaste av de rika. För ändamålet startades UNEP vid FN:s första globala miljökonferens i Stockholm 1972. Den leddes av Rockefellerfamiljens trogne medarbetare Maurice Strong. Man får inte glömma bort att FN en gång skapades med starkt engagemang från den västliga rikemansklubben där familjen Rockefeller har en ledarroll. Man ser organisationen som ett perfekt instrument för att förverkliga den globalistiska världsordning som eftersträvats i ca 100 år. FN:s maktställning är främst uppbyggd runt ett dussintal underorgan som domineras av några få västländer och deras finanselit. Mest notabla är Världsbanken och IMF, där finns inget demokratiskt inflytande. →

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Stefan Löfven kan bli Årets Förvillare 2019 — NewsVoice – December 26, 2019

(NewsVoice)  Idag nominerades Stefan Löfven som kandidat till utmärkelsen Årets Förvillare 2019. Löfven förvillar om migrationskrisens baksidorLöfven ger också prov på en förvillande inkompetens i klimatfrågor, enligt de inkomna nomineringarna som får indirekt stöd av ledande politiska skribenter både från vänstern och högern. →

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