(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2061 – The [CB] Is The Biggest Risk To The Economy, [DS] Event Countered – January 4, 2020

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Report date: 01.03.2020

It Has Begun, The [CB] Is The Biggest Risk To The Economy – Episode 2061a

The MSM/[CB] are continuing their push to control the narrative that everything that Trump has done has hurt the economy, but this will push to control the narrative will fail. The people are already starting to realize that the [CB] is responsible when the economy implodes on itself.


Trump & The Patriots Sent A Message, [DS] Event Countered – Episode 2061b

The [DS] pushed an event in Iraq, they thought they were going to get Trump into a  long drawn out event, but it backfired, like always Trump did the unexpected he countered the [DS] in such a way that it sent a message to all [DS] blacksites. The [DS] is no longer in control the patriots are.


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