(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2062 – Patriots Countered the Fed, Deep State in the Dark – January 6, 2020

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Report date: 01.05.2020

Patriots Have Countered The [CB] & Wall Street, The Economy Has Shifted – Episode 2062a

Trump and the patriots are in the process of reversing the [CB] economic system, the [CB] is confused of why there hasn’t been any inflation. They know why, in the beginning they were offloading it into the the stock market, into other countries, now Trump and the patriots have reversed their economy and are returning it back to the people.


The [DS]/D’s Are In The Dark, Moves & Countermoves, Checkmate – Episode 2062b

The [DS]/MSM is now in the dark, they have no idea what Trump and the patriots are doing, they didn’t know the plan with Iran and they don’t know the plan that comes after. The MSM and others are pushing war. There is a war but not between Iran and the US, it is an internal war between the patriots and the [DS], it is being fought right in front of the American people. The patriots are in control, the patriots are calling the shots, the [DS] is struggling to stay in control.


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