(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2065 — [CB] System Dismantled, Iran Ready To Flip – January 9, 2020

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Report date: 01.08.2020

Trump Confirms, Middle East Oil Dependency Not Needed, [CB] System Dismantled – Episode 2065a

Trump has just confirmed that the [CB] system is being dismantled. Trump and the patriots have been slowly dismantling the globalist/[CB] system. Now we get confirmation that the US does not need the petrodollar.


Backchannels Important, Iran Ready To Flip, [DS]/MSM Panic – Episode 2065

The [DS]/MSM/Iran launched an attack on US bases in Iraq, no targets were hit, no casualties, was this really a strike, no, Iran notified Iraq and through backchannels the US, this was about starting peace talks. The [DS]/MSM push to start a war has failed. While all of this was occurring a Ukranian airliner allegedly crashed, coincidence? The patriots are in control, the [DS]/MSM is now panicking, they have lost control of the Russian collusion story, fake impeachment, Syria, Iran and everything else, the patriots are coming for them and they have no where to hide.


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