(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2067 — Transitional Economy on Deck, Barr Prepare Facts and Evidence – January 11, 2020

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Report date: 01.10.2020

The [CB] Cannot Reverse What The Patriots Are Doing, Transitional Economy On Deck – Episode 2067a

The economy is moving along as planned. Trump and the patriots continue to put out the message that the economy is strong, meanwhile the patriots are building the new economy. Unemployment down, jobs created. The [CB] cannot recover from this, there is no coming back.


[DS]/MSM Begins Projecting, Huber, Durham & Barr Prepare Facts & Evidence – Episode 2067b

The [DS] has already started to project, the MSM is now putting out articles to control the narrative that HRC did nothing wrong, this will fail. NP decided to handover the articles of impeachment next week. The Ukraine plane crash in Iran is being looked into and Iran will not hand over the blackbox. The patriots have trapped the [DS] on all fronts the [DS] players are now in a state of emergency.


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