(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2075 — Global Economy will Accelerate, Nobody Gets a Free Pass – January 21, 2020

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Report date:01.20.2020

IMF Panics & Makes A Prediction, US Will Decline, Global Economy Will Accelerate – Episode 2075a

BJ backs plans to pursue the trade deal with the US. BJ will be using the negotiations as leverage with the EU. USMCA will add 300 billions to US exports. IMF is in a panic, global economy will accelerate and the US will decline.


Nobody Gets A Free Pass, A Week To Remember – Episode 2075b

The [DS] have been pushing their message on the MSM, trying to control the narrative. The people are awake and the great awakening is coming. The patriots are in full control, nobody gets a free pass, nobody, patriots have it all. Shall we play a game.


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