An Act Of Kindness — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – January 25, 2020

With the current shift, quite a few people are having a tough go of things.  This is why The Universe is asking you to engage in an act of kindness today.  Whether it be a few words, holding space for someone just learning the ropes or doing something nice for yourself…every thought/act of kindness multiplies and comes back ten-fold. (Smiling) In a divided society, kindness is the one thing that will bring you all together again. ~ Creator

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Swebbtv Nyheter 24 januari 2020 om sjukvården, åldringsrån mm


Ur innehållet: Krav på avgång Sjukvården i Stockholm har ett ansträngt läge där personal trätt fram och berättat att människor dör pga resursbrist. Detta debatterades mellan ansvarigt sjukvårdsregionsråd Anna Starbrink och ST-läkare Akil Awad i SVT Aktuellt tidigare i veckan. Nu träder läkare fram och kräver att ansvarigt sjukvårdslandstingsråd ska avgång. Vi får höra legitimerad läkare och psykiater Thomas Jackson på telefon.

Domedagssekten Vår politiska och vetenskapliga kommentator har tidigt identifierat klimatrörelsen som en domedagssekt. Nu får han medhåll av USA:s president Donald Trump på World Ekonomic Forum i Davos. →

Läs mera & video: “Swebbtv Nyheter 24 januari 2020 om sjukvården, åldringsrån mm” (13:55)


Bakom skandalerna på Nya Karolinska — – 25 Januari, 2020

(  Många skandaler har avslöjats efter Nya Karolinska sjukhusets tillkomst. Det handlar om groteska fördyringar av byggnader och utrustning. Till det kommer ytterligare ett haveri.

Mängder med konsulter hyrdes in för att organisera det nya sjukhuset. Beprövade sjukvårdsmetoder slopades. Klinikerna togs bort och vården fragmenterades. Resultatet blev, förutom alla problem med byggnader och utrustning, stora kostnader och en organisatorisk katastrof. →

Video: “Bakom skandalerna på Nya Karolinska del 1” (40:26) & “Bakom skandalerna på Nya Karolinska, del 2” (25:08)

Gretas privata säkerhetsvakter knuffade iväg granskande journalist — Nya Dagbladet – 25 Januari, 2020

(Nya Dagbladet)  Var det en slump att Ingemar Rentzhog passerade Greta på hennes första skolstrejksdag? Varifrån kommer Gretas privata säkerhetsvakter? Vem finansierar hennes team?

Den nu 17 år unga aktivisten Greta Thunberg fortsätter att lyftas till skyarna och kändisskapet tycks inte ha någon ända och hon har nått en närmast religiös status i stora kretsar. Men vilka ligger bakom Gretas framgångar? →

Läs mera & video: “Greta Thunberg Incorporated: The Exposé” (28:33) via — Nya Dagbladet

Meeting Mentors in Your Astral Travels ∞The 9D Arcturian Council — Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – January 25, 2020

Meeting Mentors in Your Astral Travels ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied with the way that we see you progressing, and yet we know that you also have a long way to go on your journeys to becoming your fifth dimensional higher selves. You have been establishing new contacts during your astral travels, and these contacts have been wonderfully significant in the evolution of your consciousness. Those of you who are awake have been meeting with mentors during your astral travels, and these mentors have been helping you to step into your power as leaders in the movement that is afoot on planet Earth. →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2079 — China Trade Deal, Deep State Event Distractions – January 25, 2020

Source(X22 Report)

Report date: 01.24.2020

The China Phase I Trade Deal, Hits The [CB]/Globalist Hard – Episode 2079a

Trump and the patriots have created an economic, manufacturing and trade powerhouse, the latest deal with China is much more than agricultural, it sets up the foundation for the rest of the trade deals with China. Trump has just hit the globalists where it counts.


[JC] Now The Target, [DS] Event Distractions, [-Cruz] Important Marker – Episode 2079b

The [DS]/D’s are losing in the fake senate trial, the people are not believing, the MSM and other politicians are continually trying to convince the public that its going well, this is false, the evidence and facts when presented by the patriots will destroy the entire case. Q dropped more bread, with the IG FISA Warrant now invalid it calls into question all the other warrants, plus those who signed the warrants are now targeted, this is the slam dunk against [JC]. Drip, drip, pain and more pain is coming.


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(Video) Judge Anna von Reitz Reveals How The Queen and Vatican Own The U.S. Government | Robert David Steele (32:35) – January 25, 2020

Robert David STEELE Vivas #UNRIG

Published Dec 8, 2019

I interviewed Judge Anna von Reitz and she revealed how the Queen and the Vatican own the U.S. Government, how the Federal Reserve owes the American people much money, the IRS having been located in Puerto Rico, how Trump could end the mess and and so much more. A truly incredible interview. Please share this and especially if you know a Sheriff, Deputy or any other law enforcement person who needs to know this information. →  Video

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C.I.A. PATENT US7220852B1 – CORONAVIRUS AKA SARS — Prepare For Change – January 25, 2020

Source(Prepare For Change)

Do you wonder how this virus jumped over from China to the USA in no time?

While researching the online archives we found a hard truth: The father of this Virus is the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

The virus didn’t originate in China but it is a C.I.A. gift to China to bring it in line to cough up the much needed funds the USA, Inc. needs to avoid bankruptcy on January 31st 2020.

For all those with IQ’s lower than a gold fish the added bonus is that they will have the opportunity to take advantage of the soon coming Free mass vaccinations for all! Yeah!

Alas the Deep State / US government, Inc. will soon have the FREE inoculation we all need to stay alive!

In the below patent you’ll find 72 pages of truth so you can be the judge of this terrible “sudden unknown outbreak” 

Pease read the patent on the link below first, then download it and share this article far and wide before the DEEP STATE AGENTS delete it. Stay wise and healthy!



Corona Virus | Ashtar Sheran via Sharon Stewart — Voyages of Light – January 25, 2020

(Voyages of Light)

Me: Ashtar, What’s going on with this Corona Virus? I hear that there’s a patent out for it which was approved in 2018. Now there’s an epidemic in China, which of course is going to spread to all other parts of the world because every big city has a Chinatown. Same thing happened with SARS. This virus isn’t even animal to human; it’s human to human so they’ve eliminated the middle man, so to speak. We interact more with each other than we do with animals. How bad is this going to be? →

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St. Germain Needs all Lightworkers to Hold the Energy | Sacred Heart Flame — Voyages of Light – January 25, 2020

222 Energies – Master Saint Germain needs all lightworkers to hold the energy

Voyages of Light  Governments throughout the world no longer honor or listen to those they lead. They are influenced and co-opted by banks, corporations and organizations – multinational and local. The results: unprecedented human suffering, crippling financial hardships, tremendous loss of animal life, devastating destruction of natural resources and habitat. The corruption in all executive, judicial and legislative arenas is so deeply entrenched that it is beyond correction or repair. Leadership roles in and for humanity must be deeply examined and thoughtfully redefined and restructured by all, at every level. We invite you to bring your energy and love to prepare this world and all life for the transitions that must take place. →

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