God Sings in Our Hearts | Heavenletters #3473 — Voyages of Light – February 4, 2020

God said:

To what do you attribute that spring in your step? To what do you attribute your good fortune? To what do you attribute your being on Earth? To what do you attribute the Earth? To what do you attribute YOU?

You are like a bird in flight, only you are an angel, an angel disguised and disguised well, to be sure, disguised as a fledgling human being, not yet in flight, still on the ground. You are like a bird that has never been hemmed in, yet sees cage wires all over the place. You are a high flyer, only you have not flown. You have thought you are a bird that cannot fly. →

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Just Don’t Call It Global Warming! — Propaganda Watch — Activist Post – February 4, 2020

By corbettreport

Global warming. Climate change. Climate weirding. Climate emergency. What’s in a name?

A lot, apparently. So much so, in fact, that the advertising execs over at Ad Age are openly wondering whether they can “rebrand” climate change so it sounds scarier. Yipee!

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It takes “2 weeks to build up immunity” to the flu after the vaccine is administered, claims the industry that has paid out over $2 billion for flu shot injuries — Prepare For Change – February 4, 2020

(Prepare For Change)

S. D. Wells,

Nurses and doctors across America will beg and plead with you to get your flu shot “early” so you can build up immunity to the known mass serial killer called influenza. Yet, most people who die from the flu didn’t really. They died from pneumonia, MRSA superbugs and a crippled immune system caused by the very institution that gave them the flu shot in the first place.

First off, you can’t “build immunity” by injecting mercury into your muscle tissue. Second, the flu that spreads around America can be one or more of a dozen strains, on up to twenty. The influenza vaccine is just a “shot in the dark” (pun intended). The CDC has no idea which strains to include, and they most often guess completely wrong, then admit it, while telling you to get the shot anyway, “just to be safe.” →

Journalister avvisade från Världscancerdagen trots pressackreditering — NewsVoice – 4 Februari, 2020

Ingemar Ljungqvist, 4 feb 2020, Stockholm. Foto: NewsVoice.se

(NewsVoice)  Tanken var att två journalister skulle göra ett intressant reportage om cancervården under Världscancerdagen 2020 idag, men istället blev det en studie i hur illa journalister allt oftare behandlas i dagens Sverige.

Ingemar Ljungqvist från hälsotidningen AlmaNova och Torbjörn Sassersson från NewsVoice var på plats i god tid på Världscancerdagen 2020 den 4 februari på Sheraton Hotel i Stockholm. Pressackreditering hade utlovats mer än en vecka innan eventet. Trots ett godkännande att få ställa frågor och filma var ett antal vakter på Sheraton mycket bestämda över att ingen av de två journalisterna fick besöka konferensen. Dessa fick inte heller filma i foajén i hotellet. →

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Think And Create — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – February 4, 2020

The human brain is one of the most complicated and beautiful things in The Universe.  With minimal input it can process a range of emotions, feelings and information it is being given.  It is so adept at this, even the most minuscule data can become reality to you.  With this knowledge, please remember; whatever you choose to focus on will come to be in your existence!

If you choose joy, more joy will follow.

If you choose fear, it will envelope you.

If you choose love, it will grow exponentially.

You have a choice, my darling one, you have always had a choice!  Let The Universe show you that it can and will be as rewarding as you want it to be. ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings

Operation Gladio: Still Keeping Europe In Line — Prepare For Change – February 4, 2020

(Prepare For Change)

By Pam Barker,

Why haven’t we heard much about the infamous Gladio Operation? Why aren’t we hearing about how the original Gladio has morphed and been renamed (even by the FBI) as Gladio B?

See this quote (#39) from Prof. James F. Tracy in a piece titled The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know:

Operation Gladio, the well-documented collaboration between Western spy agencies, including the CIA, and NATO involving coordinated terrorist shootings and bombings of civilian targets throughout Europe from the late 1960s through the 1980s, has been effectively expunged from major mainstream news outlets. →

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TRUMP PEACE PLAN: The Culmination of a 125-Year Long Zionist Conspiracy to Rule the World — Prepare For Change – February 4, 2020

(Prepare For Change)

Armenian Genocide,
World War I,
Spanish Flu Genocide,
The Great Depression,
World War II,
The Holocaust,
9/11 Terrorist Attacks,
and the War on Terror
all have one thing in common.

Each of the listed cataclysms was stealthily carried
out to create the modern State of Israel and/or to
greatly advance the covert Greater Israel project.

*The long-planned World War III has the very same goal:
the further advancement of the Yinon Plan (aka the
Greater Israel project) in order to establish a totalitarian
One World Government headquartered in Jerusalem.

Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace →

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Undoing Your Subconscious Programming ∞The 9D Arcturian Council — Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – February 4, 2020

Undoing Your Subconscious Programming ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exercising our free will to explore your subconscious minds and what they contain that can hold you back from being who you really want to be in the world. We have noticed through our exploration that there are many common themes running within the subconscious minds of humans. You share a common theme of feeling alone and thinking that everyone is eventually going to abandon you. Now, you may not be aware of that belief, but that’s what makes it subconscious. That’s not coming to you from societal programming. That’s coming to you from past life experiences. You’ve all had the experience of being left all by yourselves with no one in human form around to help you, to support you, and to love you. →

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John Lennon: “The World Is Run By Insane People, For Insane Objectives” — Collective Evolution – February 4, 2020

(Collective-Evolution)  Between the wars on terror and on drugs, recurring  economic disasters and the disappearing middle class, racial wars, Big Pharma, GMOs, and corporate lobbying, it’s clear we’re in desperate need of change, and you have to wonder how we got here in the first place. →

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(Video) Robert Kennedy Jr berättar om riskerna med HPV-vaccinet — VAKEN.se – 4 Februari, 2020

(VAKEN.se)  RT Amercia intervjuade Robert Kennedy Jr om riskerna med HPV-vaccin. Biverkningar och skador av vaccinet är omfattande.

Video: “RT America Interviews Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.” (20:28) via — VAKEN.se