(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2090 — [CB] System, Trump Comes Out Swinging – February 7, 2020

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Report date: 02.06.2020

[CB] System, Why Interfere While They Are In The Process Of Destroying Themselves- Episode 2090a

The [CB]/Globalist planned to bring down the economic system and blame it on an event, the patriots might have known what they were planning and aloud it to happen. Why interfere with your enemy while they are destroying themselves. The new US economy is being created, the [CB] economy is being destroyed.


Follow The Pen, The Gloves Are Off,Trump Comes Out Swinging – Episode 2090b

The [DS]/D’s have failed in their mission, does this mean they are going to give up trying, no. They believe they have the one person that will allow them to impeach Trump again, that person is Bolton. Q told us to follow the pen, follow Bolton. Trump gave a press conference today and he came out swinging, the MSM were shocked by what he did, the gloves are off and we are in the 15th round.


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