How to stage a fake epidemic (and brainwash billions of people) by Jon Rappoport – February 27, 2020

jon rappoport


by Jon Rappoport

February 26, 2020

“When gigantic mega-corporations steal land from Third World people and then poison these people with horrific pollution, why isn’t it called murder? Is that too stark? Does it offend delicate sensibilities? Would you say that a drug gang who shoots up a bar and kills ten innocent bystanders is just carrying out ‘typical business practices in their field of endeavor’, and should therefore never be prosecuted in a court of law on a charge of homicide?” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

—This article assembles facts contained in my ongoing series on the “China epidemic.” To get the details, I recommend going back and reading all those articles (archive here).

If a group wants to stage a fake and frightening epidemic, how would they do it?

First of all, what reasons would they have to launch such an audacious plan? →

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Daily Quote for February 27, 2020 | Abraham-Hicks — Voyages of Light

The reason you want every single thing that you want, is because you think you will feel really good when you get there. But, if you don’t feel really good on your way to there, you can’t get there. You have to be satisfied with what-is while you’re reaching for more.

Excerpted from Boston, MA on 10/5/02

Our Love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

Source: Voyages of Light

Joyful Dance | Poetry of Light — Voyages of Light – February 27, 2020

“Joyful Dance”

Take my hand
Let us dance
A new experience

Turning, spinning, twisting
Slow and fast
A joyful dance

You don’t know
The moves yet
To these songs

You are dancing
Nothing else matters


Art by Ashvin Harrison
Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Poetry of Light

via — Voyages of Light

Robert Steele: FAKE PANDEMIC 5G Issues Daily Update It’s OVER! — Public Intelligence Blog – February 27, 2020

Robert David Steele


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Original Article 12 Feb 2020
Eleven-Point Worst Case Summary

28 FEB 2020

(Public Intelligence Blog)

ROBERT STEELE: China is back; the fake pandemic is over. Twelve different general managers in China have confirmed that all workers have returned after the normal Chinese New Year’s prolonged break, and factories are resuming production. →

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A Powerful Video On Double Standards In Our Society Exposing What It Takes To “Be A Lady” — Collective Evolution – February 27, 2020

(Collective-Evolution)  Let’s face it; being a woman in the western world comes with a special set of challenges laid upon us by the society that we were born into. Of course, these exist for men as well, but for the purpose of this article I will be addressing this topic and how it relates to women only. →

Video: “Be a Lady They Said” (2:51) & Full Transcript Of The Poem via — Collective Evolution

Be Free! — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – February 27, 2020

There will be moments when you are tempted to project your past experiences into your current existence.  Something may come up that you have not resolved and, rather than thinking through it, you will often react/feel the same way you did when the negative event first occurred.  It is very important to remember…you have tools and skills you did not have before and it is time to release it.  Let you conscious be your guide to the where and when of it and allow The Universe to help you be free of it once and for all. ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings

Ushering in a New Era for Humanity ∞The 9D Arcturian Council — Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – February 27, 2020

Ushering in a New Era for Humanity ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been able to assist you with the evolution of your consciousness to a certain extent, but we would never take the credit for what you have done with what we have given you. You are the ones who are living the challenging lives that you are. You are the ones facing your financial, health, and relationship issues, and you are the ones who use all that you are given to raise the level of your consciousness to new heights. You are the ones to thank for the progress that is being made in the human collective consciousness, and we know that. →

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