#UNRIG VIDEO (4:00) Fake Pandemic is OVER — Public Intelligence Blog – February 28, 2020

Robert David Steele

(Public Intelligence Blog)  Let me start by praising the World Health Organization (WHO) for its totally sound decision to NOT declare a world pandemic. They are correct. This was a fake pandemic with the ultimate goal of forcing a universal vaccine with digital ID on everyone, starting with the European Union mandate led by France. As a former spy and top intelligence pioneer of holistic analytics and true cost economics I lay it out as I see it, and end by calling for a joint China-US investigation into the bio war, the 5G, the media war, the insider trading, and Bill Gates (my colleagues at NSA have every email, text, and call he has ever made, the President has not yet asked NSA for a total unmasking of all participants in the fake pandemic conspiracy). →

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