(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2114 — Timing Is Everything; It Will Happen On The Patriots Timeline – March 6, 2020

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Report date:03.05.2020

Timing Is Everything, What Does An Economic Transition Look Like? – Episode 2114

The economic system is now transitioning very slowly, all the trade deals will be reworked, the production of rare earth minerals is now shifting, the supply chains are being re-worked, the [CB] is now being forced to lower rates. This is the the first phase of the transition, remember the 70’s when we transitioned to the petro dollar, it is now happening in reverse.


It Will Happen On The Patriots Timeline, Think Logically, Who Holds All The Cards? – Episode 2114b

The clock is ticking down for the [DS], this latest event will not last much longer, so a big push is coming very soon. [CS] comes under fire for threatening the SC. Ukraine investigation moves forward.  FISA Court Bars FBI Officials Involved in Carter Page Spy Warrants. The D’s are now in the process of setting up their candidates for the 2020 election, it won’t be who everyone thinks it will be. Why did the patriots hold off in using the Trump card? The patriots know the playbook, they knew that they would need to use it when the time was right, patriots hold all the cards.


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