(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2116 — The Economy Is About To Heat Up; Time To Bring The Heat – March 8, 2020

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Report date: 03.08.2020

The Economy Is About To Heat Up, Spring/Summer Are Going To Be Hot – Episode 2116a

The [CB] is now pushing the idea that no matter what the Fed does it will not help the economy. Lowering the rates, pushing stimulus will not help, we heard this before the last time around when the MSM was pushing a recession. The opposite happened and it will happen this time. The economy is getting ready to heat up, everything is now in place, it’s going to be a hot spring/summer.


Messages Are Being Sent,It’s Almost Time,[T -2] And Counting,Time To Bring The Heat – Episode 2116b

The [DS] is getting ready to push their event even harder, after that the [DS] will be low on ammunition, this is when the spring/summer bring the heat. [JS] did not get his case dismissed.  KH endorses JB. Articles now appear to show MO might enter the race. Crowdstrike distances themselves from the Russian hack of the DNC server. Messages are being sent, the heat is coming, [T -2] and counting.


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