(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2123 — Turning the Entire Economic System; Time to Unveil the True Enemy – March 16, 2020

Source: (X22 Report)

Report date:03.16.2020

The Patriots Are Now Turning The Entire Economic System & Setting It On A New Course – Episode 2123a

The [CB] are now flooding the system with trillions of dollars. Optics are important, this is what it looks like when a [CB] comes to an end, you see trillions of dollars thrown at the problem. The Fed did exactly what we thought they were going to do, the cut the rate down to 0-.25bps.  The economic system is now in the process of being turned. Big changes are coming.


It’s Time To Unveil The True Enemy Of The People, Shutdown, Messages Received – Episode 2123b

The [DS]/MSM believe that their event is going as a planned. The patriots are have taking control and are using it to silently arrest the power structure of the [DS]. Darkness is coming, this will protect the people, this will allow the operation to proceed. The patriots are in full control, their is nothing to fear, nothing can stop what is coming, together we are strong.


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