(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2125 — Trump Dropped the Economic Hammer; All The Exits Are Being Blocked – March 18, 2020

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Report date:03.18.2020

Trump Just Dropped The Economic Hammer, It Has Begun – Episode 2125a

The economic storm is here, the market continue to make huge swings down and up. China is losing the economic power as the US becomes stronger. The IRS does not want to extend the tax period, [CB] not controlled. Trump now unleashed the economic hammer, the economy is now turning.


One By One All The Exits Are Being Blocked WW, Hold, Wait For It – Episode 2125b

The [DS]/MSM are pushing this event to the extreme, they are fighting for their lives, but the patriots are shutting down all the exits one by one. Future does prove the past, the patriots knew this was coming they were prepared for for this. Censorship on the social media sites have been removed, the patriots are now in control, next phase coming.


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