Love | Poem by Ananda — Voyages of Light – March 20, 2020

A single drop of rain, knows your name.
A blade of grass can distinguish your laugh.
Every tree has heard your prayers and felt your every plea.
Every step you take is part of a chores line
To the song being sung that goes by the title, I am divine.
Your heart beats to the rhythm of earth
All the time.
The wind is the keeper of all your hopes and fears.
Those you talk about but also those you hold near.
Every child is accounted for by earth and all her record keeping.
How else can she provide for all the mouths she’s feeding?
And you dearest one, who thinks you are all alone. In the morning the birds will arrive to sing you a love song.
Not as throaty as Luther
Not as high pitch as McKnight.
But when you hear it…really stop to listen to it; everything is alright.
You are not a fragment in an otherwise
Grand puzzle.
You are love itself finding your way back home, and doing so as an expression and a definition because you came from love. So how can love not love you?
Love is all around you
See the blossoming tree
Pushing through all the crazy our lives look like right now and let it remind us. That the same love for life… that makes that happen we have also with us.
See the beauty
It’s all around you
You can add to it and make that your reality.


Source: Voyages of Light