(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2129 — Economic Operation Underway; Blockage Dismantled – March 23, 2020

Source: (X22 Report)

Report date: 03.23.2020

The Economic Operation Is Underway, [CB] Exposed To What Comes Next- Episode 2129a

The MSM is pushing the idea that the stimulus bill will not save the economy, they are putting out stories of recession. Trump and the patriots timed it perfectly, the entire market is about to be reversed. Trump just gave the signal. The [CB] is doing exactly what Trump wants, they have just unleashed it all.


Operation Signal, Blockage Dismantled, Fire At Will Commander – Episode 2129b

The clock is ticking down for the [DS], some are sending messages, storm surge is about to hit. The patriots are ready to move, blockage dismantled, operators in position, optics are important. Fire at will commander.


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