Censorship and Where Are We Heading? | Mass Awakening – April 1, 2020

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(Mass Awakening)  As censorship increases, it’s more difficult to find out the truth or know what is real. How do we discern information and different sources and where are we heading? Are we heading the NWO or New Earth?

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My name is Shoshi Herscu, an investigative journalist and activist from Israel. My book, Mass Awakening, tells the story of my personal awakening to the truth on our reality, as well as that of all humanity, to the massive deception of the world’s Elite controllers and their devastating agendas. It is an exposé on dark agendas and how people are fighting back offering hope for the future.

It is a full disclosure book covering the Cabal’s depopulation agenda for the world, the dumbing of the masses, the mass awakening of humanity worldwide, the secret space programs, the global currency reset, The Event, and New Earth. →

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Putin And Trump vs The New World Order: The Final Battle | Oriental Review – March 31, 2020

Trump and Putin

(Oriental Review)

Written by Sylvain LAFOREST on 31/03/2020

We live in exciting times.

The unknown that lays ahead for all of us is both exhilarating and scary. Exhilarating in the long term, but rather scary in the short term. All empires eventually die and we’re in the terminal phase of the New World Order that will not recover from the Russian roulette game it has been playing, for Vladimir Putin handed it a loaded gun and it pulled the trigger.

The last few weeks put everything in place for the last battle. There are so many different facts and events, left and right, and I will try to do my best to remain methodical in this complicated expose. Bare with me, I’ve been struggling for three weeks with this article because of the insane amount of additional details that each day provides. It might have been a wrong time to quit smoking, but I enjoy a good challenge. →

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See The Gift — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – April 1, 2020

Right now it may feel as if the future of your world is uncertain.  However, there is one thing The Universe would like you to know during this trying time; every person is in the process of re-learning what your societies have forgotten.

The joys of human connection.

The importance of time with family.

The growth and learning that comes from a connection with yourself and The Universe.

The reestablishment of your connection to and with the Earth and nature.

The re-discovery of a deeper level of kindness and compassion for those around you.

Think of it as a crash course in remembering what is important.  You may not fully understand what is happening or what may be coming and that is okay.  The Universe asks you to see being present, fully engaged in this moment and alive as a gift that has yet to show all its benefits. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Source: The Creator Writings

Cabin Fever & the Divine Feminine Essence ∞The 9D Arcturian Council — Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – April 1, 2020

Cabin Fever & the Divine Feminine Essence ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been very excited to witness the shifts that are going on within you as individuals. We have noticed how the cabin fever effect has been forcing more humans to face what has been going on inside of you, and we want you to know that what you’ve been able to accomplish just by being cooped up there in your homes is quite astonishing. Many have had to face truths about themselves, their relationships, and where they get their sense of self worth from as a consequence of not being able to do as much. →

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Dr. Peter Gotzsche On Coronavirus: “A Pandemic Of Panic, More Than Anything Else” — Collective Evolution – April 1, 2020

Dr. Peter Gotzsche, a Danish physician and medical researcher

(Collective Evolution)


The Facts:

Respected Medical Researcher Peter Gotzsche is one of a growing number of health professionals that is calling out our authorities for the implementation of overly draconian measures in response to the Coronavirus.

Reflect On:

How can we participate in events like the Coronavirus pandemic in a way that empowers us individually and collectively?

Peter Gotzsche, a Danish physician and medical researcher, is well placed to comment on the measures being imposed to combat the Coronavirus. And he has his reasons to be suspicious of some of those measures. →

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12 experter: Regeringars åtgärder mot Covid-19 är groteska och absurda — NewsVoice – 1 April, 2020

12 experter om corona. Bild: Humanism och Kunskap

(NewsVoice)  Stockholm igångsätter 30 mars en undersökning av slumpmässigt utvalda personer som i hemmet ska utföra självprovtagning av ett ännu ospecificerat coronatest, dvs allmänheten vet inte något om dess ursprung eller tillförlitlighet rörande Corona Covid-19. Man kan också fråga sig vad slumpmässiga test med ovaliderad kapacitet har för värde.

Artikeln har tidigare publicerats på Humanism och Kunskaps hemsida

Tolv högt ansedda medicinska experter anser att:

“Regeringars åtgärder mot COVID19 är groteska, absurda och mycket farliga. Miljontals människors livslängd förkortas pga panikartade åtgärder. Denna skrämmande inverkan på världsekonomin hotar livsbetingelserna för otaliga människor.”

Frågeställningar →

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Östrogen skyddar kvinnor från corona -| Alma Nova – 1 April, 2020

(Alma Nova)  Coronaviruset drabbar långt fler män än kvinnor! Det har forskare kommit fram till efter att man studerat både antalet drabbade, hur många som dör av viruset samt tittat på olika åldersgrupper. Man har även märkt att ju högre ålder det är på de insjuknade desto större blir skillnaderna mellan män och kvinnor. →

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Politikerna har ett ansvar för coronapandemin — Nya Dagbladet 1 April, 2020

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(Nya Dagbladet)  Politikerna följer i skolmedicinens ledband och skolmedicinen i Big Pharmas. Två faktorer som helt förbises av dessa är övermedicineringens och de metabola sjukdomarnas inverkan på våra immunförsvar, med potentiellt mycket allvarliga konsekvenser under coronakrisen. Det skriver Lars Bern.

Icke smittsamma sjukdomar orsakade av ohälsosam kost och livsstil (rökning och stillasittande), miljögifter och biverkningar från medicinska preparat är vår tids allvarligaste hälso- och miljöproblem. Detta orsakar årligen 40 miljoner dödsfall globalt och uppåt tre miljarder människor är redan drabbade av en eller flera av dessa metabola sjukdomar. Hit räknas fetma, diabetes, hypertoni, cancer, hjärtkärlsjukdom, karies, demens och en lång rad autoimmuna sjukdomar. →

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The Money Changers — The Final Wakeup Call – April 1, 2020

Money made on the backs of the populace

Boom and bust cycles are made to happen

(The Final Wakeup Call)

History and Origin of our Debt Slavery

The union, in 2000 BC, between Babylonian religions, Babylonian banking and Babylonian law has put the world into serfdom. – Shortly before the birth of Jesus Christ also named Yeshua Messiah; The Romans set-up a “Puppet Regime” in Israel, so-as-to more effectively mask the harsh reality that the Israelites were a Conquered Folk. And, because “Law” was frequently administered by a “Priesthood” in these ancient cultures, a group of priests known as “Pharisees” among them joint with the Romans to Deceive, Confuse, Plunder, and Enslave the common Israelite People. Jesus Christ, who stormed the Temple with righteous anger, overturning the money changers’ tables and whipping them severely about the head and shoulders to remove them out of the Temple, stating; “make not my Father’s house a house of merchandise.” As reaction these same money changers called for His death days later. Because, Jesus was a threat to their oppressive and tyrannical financial system. Subsequently, the two special-interest-groups, the Romans and the Pharisees, united to have Jesus Christ nailed to the Cross a few days later, in 30 AC. Continue Reading →

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Nederlands: De geldwisselaars

Geld verdienen over de ruggen van het volk Boom- en bust cycli worden met opzet gemaakt   Geschiedenis en oorsprong van onze schuldslavernij De unie, in 2000 voor Christus, tussen Babylonische religies, het Babylonisch bankwezen en de Babylonische wetgeving heeft…Continue Reading →

Deutsch: Die Geldwechsler

Geld verdienen auf dem Rücken der Menschen Boom- und Bust-Zyklen werden absichtlich erstellt   Geschichte und Ursprung unserer Schuldensklaverei Die Vereinigung der babylonischen Religionen, des babylonischen Bankensystems und des babylonischen Gesetzes im Jahr 2000 v. Chr. hat die Welt versklavt….Continue Reading →

Sananda: Time of Concstruction — Era of Light – April 1, 2020

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I am Sananda. I am here at this time to once again continue to bring you understanding, understanding that will continue to help you move through these times. And yes, ⇲

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