(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2147 |Removing the Economic Blocks, Play the Trump Card – April 14, 2020

Source: X22 Report

Report date:04.13.2020

The Patriots Are Removing The Economic Blocks The [CB] Setup – Episode 2147a

The patriots are now changing the landscape of the US economy, the regulations that were holding the US from moving forward are now being removed. Trump has now remove the chains that held the economy down. Trump has now made a deal with Mexico and Opec has made a deal to cut production, Trump is getting ready to open the economy.


At What Stage In The Game Do You Play The TRUMP Card? – Episode 2147b

The people have been kept in their homes for weeks now, the people can see who the tyrants are, this has exposed, the [DS] plan and what they planned to do. Fauci is now trying to put the blame on Trump, that he should have done more, but Fauci gave interviews and he is the one in trouble, he said there is nothing to worry about. Trump has been tweeting messages and it seems something is about to hit. Trump tweeted out an account with the Trump card, the question is when do you play it.


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