It’s Time to End the Lockdown – NOW! — Waking Times – April 16, 2020

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Waking Times


End the f*cking lockdown now! It’s time to wake up and rise up. We have allowed this fake pandemic, this coronavirus hoax and this absurd lockdown to go far too long already. We have been deceived. We have allowed authorities to become tyrants. We have swallowed whole the fairy tale lies of a new killer virus, a new invisible enemy and a new war on bioterrorism. We have allowed panic, irrationality and fear to run our minds and our societies. We have gladly handed over precious rights and freedoms. We have crawled to officials and begged them to save us. We have meekly accepted ridiculous rule after ridiculous rule, wearing inane masks (that don’t even prevent germs from entering our mouths) and partaking in asinine OCD behaviors. We have accepted house arrest, virtual martial law and massive restrictions on our intrinsic, inherent or God-given (whichever word you prefer) rights. We have allowed governments to restrict our ability to gather, to assemble, to move, to trade, to work, to shop, to live normal lives – FOR WHAT? For a unproven disease that is no worse than the seasonal flu? WE HAVE BEEN SCAMMED! This has got to stop – now! →

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(Video) The Agenda behind Bill Gates Vaccine & ID2020 : Coronavirus Conspiracies | SyrianGirl om Bill Gates agenda med vaccin och ID2020 — – 16 April, 2020

SyrianGirl goes through the real agenda behind the corona panic where Bill Gates and others are planning vaccinations and digital IDs on the body. 

SyrianGirl går igenom den verkliga agendan bakom coronapaniken där Bill Gates och andra planerar vaccinationer och digitala ID på kroppen. 

Video: “The Agenda behind Bill Gates Vaccine & ID2020 : Coronavirus Conspiracies” (16:00) via —

Dr. Ron Paul Interview: Bill Gates & Tony Fauci Are Determined To Run The World by Vaccines — Activist Post – April 16, 2020

(Activist Post)

By Spiro Skouras

In this exclusive interview, Spiro Skouras’ guest is Dr. Ron Paul. Dr. Paul needs no introduction as a multiple time congressional representative and presidential candidate.

Dr. Paul and Spiro discuss the current coronavirus crisis and the political, social and economic fallout affecting millions of Americans, as people begin to display resistance to the government lockdown response.

Dr. Paul and Spiro also discuss President Trump’s position in this crisis as well as the potential conflicts of interest regarding the White House Coronavirus Task Force, in addition to a possible ‘Medical Patriot Act.’

Dr. Ron Paul Interview: “Bill Gates & Tony Fauci Are Determined To Run The World by Vaccines” (12:09) via — Activist Post

We Need to Wake Up to Protect Our Basic Freedoms | Wake Up World – April 17th, 2020

By Rachel Horton White

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

In this time, bringing in light to envelope the world is essential to eliminate the control by those who want to create dystopian totalitarianism.

This is an important time not only to pray for humanity’s freedom, and also to speak up that we do not consent to the mass surveillance/tracking/forced vaccinations that are being proposed right now. This is part of the New World Order agenda that I am pretty sure most of us do not want to live in (they are counting on people, out of their fear of getting sick, to cede all freedom to the government). This is not only an illegal breach of our Constitutional rights, but violates Divine laws of free will. Unless, of course the people consent. →

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Change Is Happening… — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – April 16, 2020

Take a moment or two today, sit quietly, find your center and ask The Universe to show you the changes that have occurred so far on your Earth plane.  Softy, quietly and steadily you will begin to see the changes that are happening both internally and externally.  They may not be huge, earth-shattering events/situations and some so small they are barely perceptible.  But, my darling one, they are happening! (Smiling) This is your opportunity to truly be the change you wish to see in your world. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Source: The Creator Writings

If You Want the E.T.s to Land ∞The 9D Arcturian Council — Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – April 16, 2020

If You Want the E.T.s to Land ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very pleased with the progress that we see you all making there on Earth at this time of slowing down, doing less, and feeling more. You are there to feel all of the emotions that are available to you, including your fear of being destitute, sick, and then ultimately dying. You have all three of those fears coming up at the same time during the pandemic crisis that has been coupled with economic crashes and unemployment. You are getting your money’s worth, and this was actually a very economical choice for the human collective consciousness, because you want to be processing faster. You want to be facing as many of your lower-vibrational emotions as you can. →

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Carl Bildt vill se ny auktoritär ”global institution” — Nya Dagbladet – 16 April, 2020

Carl Bildt på World Economic Forum. Foto: World Economic Forum/Benedikt von Loebell

(Nya Dagbladet)  Den tidigare statsministern och utrikesministern, ultraglobalisten Carl Bildt, menar nu att självbestämmande nationer inte kan hantera pandemier så som covid-19 och eftersöker istället bildandet av en global institution som med auktoritära medel ska kunna ingripa över hela jorden. →

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Bill Gates: Am I A Mass Murderer Who Really Really Should Be Investigated, Indicted, Convicted, and Sentenced to Death? — Public Intelligence Blog – April 16, 2020

  • Sterlized women around the world without their informed consent.
  • Mutated and murdered children around the world (on trial in India  for this).
  • Bribed everyone that mattered in relation to the fake pandemic.
  • Wrecked the global economy generally and US economy particularly.

What’s not to like?

Source: Public Intelligence Blog

Laura Eisenhower: Video (14:38) Message to the Dark Controllers — Public Intelligence Blog – April 16, 2020

Public Intelligence Blog

Must See Video With Laura Eisenhower: Video (14:38) Message to the Dark Controllers — via  Public Intelligence Blog

(Video) HUGE NEWS! Surgeon General Jerome Adams DROPS Gates/CDC/WHO Model !!! – April 16, 2020

Dr Rashid A Buttar

Dr Rashid A Buttar – April 14, 2020

(BEFORE IT´S NEWS)  HUGE NEWS….SHARE THIS WITH THE WORLD!!! Surgeon General Jerome Adams…. WASHINGTON DC – In a stunning turn of events, Surgeon General Jerome Adams explained in an interview on live XM radio, that the Coronavirus Task Force has, effectively, dumped the Bill Gates/CDC/WHO predictive contagion model, and is now working with the real data. He explained on the Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow, that given the new data, businesses will begin to re-open as early as May, others in June. This runs contrary to the out-and-out fear-mongering of Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates who have made a media tour, threatening the public that businesses may not re-open for six months to a year, or until and unless governments purchase their conveniently patented, big-pharma vaccination. More →

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Credit: Judy Byington-OpDis