5G Will Enable Nightmare Surveillance Grid That Humans Won’t Be Able To Opt Out Of — Activist Post – May 6, 2020

(Activist Post)

By Daniel Taylor

UK Ministry of Defense 2010: “Choosing to be disconnected may be considered suspicious”

Brigadier General Robert S. Spalding said in a 2019 interview that humans will not be able to opt out of the pervasive 5G system: →

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In Tearful Post, Frontline Nurse Explains How Covid-19 Patients are Being ‘Murdered’ in NYC Hospitals — Waking Times – May 6, 2020

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Here’s something you’re not going to see on the nightly news. With all of their pundits, experts, politicians, and feel good human interest stories, and all of their charts, graphs, predictions, models and projections, they won’t dare present testimony from front line hospital workers who don’t toe the official line. →

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Studie: Kolloidalt silver avdödar coronavirus i lungorna — Nya Dagbladet – 6 Maj, 2020

Foto: Nya Dagbladet/CanStockPhoto | En nebulisator (t.v.) för hemmabruk kan enkelt laddas med kolloidalt silver och användas för behandling av coronavirus och lunginflammation. T.h. respiratorbehandling på sjukhus.

(Nya Dagbladet)  En israelisk studie av docent Oron Zachar antyder att det är möjligt att undertrycka virala och bakteriella infektioner i luftvägarna med hjälp av silvernanopartiklar som inhaleras via en så kallad nebulisator. →

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(Videos) — Nya Dagbladet – Rysk-ortodox kristendom på frammarsch – 6 Maj, 2020

Foto: Gilbert Sopakuwa/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Uppståndelsekyrkan i Sankt Petersburg

(Nya Dagbladet)  Tiotusentals kyrkor har byggts i Ryssland under de senaste 25 åren och tiotals miljoner har under samma period konverterat till den rysk-ortodoxa kristendomen. Den ortodoxa traditionens populärkulturella inflytande har nu även börjat påverka populärkulturen i landet.

2017 släpptes bland annat en film på ryska biografer om helgonen Peter och Fevronia som blev en stor succé i Ryssland. Huvudkaraktärerna Peter och Fevronia är äktenskapets beskyddare inom rysk-ortodox kristendom och i filmen blandas fantasyelement med kristen tro och tradition. Under året har filmen också släppts på Youtube med engelska undertexter. →

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Avslöjade hur äldre kvävs till döds – då fick sjuksköterskan sparken — Nya Dagbladet – 6 Maj, 2020

(Nya Dagbladet) Sjuksköterskan Latifa Löfvenberg larmade om missförhållanden under coronakrisen och hur smittade patienter nekats syrgas och fått kvävats till döds. För det har hon nu fått sparken av sin arbetsgivare.

Löfvenberg, som också är lokal- och regionpolitiker för Sverigedemokraterna, arbetar till vardags som sjuksköterska inom den privata vården i Gävle och Stockholm. Efter att hon gått ut i medier och berättat hur illa många äldre coronasmittade patienter behandlas inom vården fick hon på oklara grunder sparken. →

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(Video) SGTReport | Dave Janda: Sometimes you Can’t Tell the Public the Truth, you have to Show them – May 5, 2020

Source: SGTreport

May 5, 2020

Dr. Dave Janda joins me to discuss the tyranny in Michigan and President Trump’s plan to expose the evil of evil doers for the American public and whole world to SEE.

Video: “Sometimes You Can’t TELL The Public The Truth, YOU HAVE TO SHOW THEM — Dave Janda (52:29)

For REAL news 24/7:




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(Video) PrayingMedic: Qanon May 5, 2020 – The Time Is Coming

Source: PrayingMedic

May 5, 2020

Q has discussed corruption and the Red Cross in the past but it seems the time may be coming for more disclosure.

Video: Qanon May 5, 2020 – The Time Is Coming (22:04)

Website: https://prayingmedic.com/

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The Removal of Deep State Satanists in Europe — Rinus Verhagen – May 5, 2020

The Removal of Deep State Satanists in Europe -- Rinus Verhagen

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

May 5, 2020

We all witnessed Mad Nancy tearing up the script of the speech in front of the eyes of the whole world during the State Of The Union,

Donald J Trump also appointed the democratically elected President Juan Guaidó Márquez of Venezuela during this great speech. →

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Monetary Madness for Virus Hoax — The Final Wakeup Call – May 6, 2020

Humans being considered Cattle

Fake money destroys the economy, but boosts stock prices and Corona hype

Inflationary Phase is coming soon!

Trillions worth of stimulus is the Grandest wealth theft from the public

Precious Metals Update

The Final Wakeup Call

May 6, 2020

Corona Quarantine is our first step into the New World Prison





Fake money and central control will destroy the economy, but they can still boost stock prices, and keep people unnecessary Corona Virus quarantined. It’s a virus with a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a PR firm. It has gotten more press coverage and more views, than any ailment ever visited the human race on planet Earth. If this virus were a stock, it would be overexposed, overpriced, and overhyped. Different countries use different strategies to fight the ‘fake’ invasion. Brazil, Nicaragua and Sweden haven’t implied any quarantine rules and don’t have more, even less infected people or none at all. And, there are 34 countries on the planet that have not registered a single Covid-19 case.

There are even more non-lockdown countries, which are Iceland, Belarus, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Most have followed Sweden where early on a professor declared “reinfection with Covid-19 is a myth”; An Icelandic doctor has said; “the virus had arrived already in December last year”. Remarkably, their results have been as good or even better than in the lockdown countries. Yet, without having to endure socio-economic chaos that other countries are experiencing. Pay attention: These countries, have already won the virus debate scientifically and convicted the implemented course of actions. The coronavirus is real, but not as severe as was planned by the Deep State, since the patriots secretly in advance had changed the toxicity formula into a mild virus.

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Nederlands: Monetaire Waanzin door Virus Hoax

Mensen worden beschouwd als vee Nepgeld vernietigt de economie, maar stimuleert beurskoersen en Corona-hype Inflatie stadium komt eraan! Biljoenen stimulering is grootste vermogensdiefstal Edelmetalen Update   Corona Quarantaine is onze eerste stap in de New World Gevangenis Vals geld en…Continue Reading →

Deutsch: Monetäre Wahnsinn wegen Virus Scherz

Menschen gelten als Vieh Falschgeld zerstört die Wirtschaft, aber erhöht Aktienkurse und den Corona-Hype Das Inflationsstadium kommt! Billionen von Stimulierung ist der größte Diebstahl von Vermögenswerten Edelmetallen Update     Die Corona-Quarantäne ist unser erster Schritt im Neuen Weltgefängnis Falschgeld…Continue Reading →

Being of Liberty | Poetry of Light — Voyages of Light – May 5, 2020

“Being of Liberty”

As a human
You are a
Being of liberty

No other human
Or entity can
Restrict your freedom

Your liberty is
A universal gift
A natural right

Claim your independence
Declare your freedom


Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Poetry of Light
Image from Pixabay

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