Spring of Love | Poetry of Light — Voyages of Light – May 5, 2020

“Spring of Love”

The loving energies
You send to
Me, my Love

Through your music
Through your dance
Through your words

I return to
You threefold through
My loving energies

It is the
Spring of Love


Painting “Spring” by Mucha
Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Poetry of Light

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(Video x 2) X22 Report: Episode 2166 | Everything Is About To Change; The Time Is Coming, The People Need To Be Shown – May 6, 2020

Source: X22 Report

Report date: 05.05.2020

Economic Timing, Everything Is About To Change, Watch The Main Street Economy – Episode 2166a

The entire economic system is coming back online, states, businesses are now opening up slowly. We are starting to see everything reverse, this will pickup pace when more states and businesses open up. Oil prices moving up from their low, we are seeing other indictors that are looking good. Trump is now making a push for tax cuts, deductions, capital gains tax cuts, it’s happening.


The Time Is Coming, The People Need To Be Shown, The Revolution – Episode 2166b

The [DS]/MSM have now unleashed everything they have to keep everything lockdown, killer hornets, mutations and more is most likely on the way, look out for an event to put fear into the people. The patriots plan is now working, the trap has been set. Flynn’s case moves ahead, the Judge will be making a determination soon. Q drops more bread, the revolution has begun, the time has come to let the people see another aspect of the [DS].


Website: X22 Report

Technofascism: Digital Book Burning in a Totalitarian Age — Humans Are Free – May 6, 2020

Technofascism Digital Book Burning In A Totalitarian Age

(Humans Are Free)  “Those who created this country chose freedom. With all of its dangers. And do you know the riskiest part of that choice they made?

“They actually believed that we could be trusted to make up our own minds in the whirl of differing ideas.

“That we could be trusted to remain free, even when there were very, very seductive voices — taking advantage of our freedom of speech — who were trying to turn this country into the kind of place where the government could tell you what you can and cannot do.” — Nat Hentoff

We are fast becoming a nation — nay, a world — of book burners. →

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(Video-Naomi Seibt) Sanningen väntar inte — VAKEN.se – 5 Maj, 2020

(VAKEN.se) Över hela världen talar folk ut mot teknokratin som växt fram som en nästintill komplett världsregering under coronakrisen, för att stoppa en världsdiktatur behövs dock att många fler som vet vad som pågår börja prata öppet om det.

video: “THE TRUTH WAITS FOR NO-ONE (read description)” (11:24) via — VAKEN.se

(Video) Omfattande protester mot nedstängningar världen över — Nya Dagbladet – 6 Maj, 2020


(Nya Dagbladet)  Tålamodet tryter på många håll i världen för nedstängningarna i samband med coronakrisen, vilka nu ifrågasätts på allt bredare front. Under de senaste veckorna har omfattande protester och demonstrationer hållits för att medborgerliga rättigheter ska återinrättas och att samhället återgår till det normala. →

Läs mera & video: Global News: “Coronavirus outbreak: Protesters in California demand end to COVID-19 lockdown” (4:10) via — Nya Dagbladet

(Video) Coup Conspiracy Case Will Get Them All – Kevin Shipp — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog – April 6, 2020

Kevin Shipp | Former CIA Officer and counter-terrorism expert

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Former CIA Officer and counter-terrorism expert Kevin Shipp says America is facing big internal and external foes. One of the biggest external enemies is China, who has taken a huge economic hit over the virus it released globally. Shipp contends, “Trump is finally confronting them (China) with tariffs, so they are hurting there. They are heading for a recession. Huawei is no longer going to be in the United States. →

Read more & video: “Kevin Shipp – Deep State & Dems Terrified of Trump Win in November” (43:40) via — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog