Italian Politician Calls Out The “Lies & Falsification” of COVID-19 Numbers To “Terrorize Italians” (VIDEO) — Collective Evolution – May 7, 2020

(Collective Evolution) A lot of people are wondering what’s really going on out there, and the appearance of a digital authoritarian Orwellian”fact-checker” that’s patrolling the internet has only sparked more curiosity. When it comes to the new coronavirus, it’s simply another case of mainstream media rhetoric that completely contradicts testimony and evidence that’s being shared by multiple scientists, doctors, politicians and activists around the world.

Furthermore, when information that opposes the mainstream narrative goes “viral” it is either heavily censored or deleted. What is going on here? Should the people not have the right to examine information and sources to determine for themselves what is real and what is not instead of having someone else determine truth for them? →

Read more & video: “Vittorio Sgarbi – You are lying about the number of deaths caused by the Corona virus” (2:23) via — Collective Evolution

CBS News avslöjas med att iscensätta fejkad coronakris — Nya Dagbladet – 7 Maj, 2020

Foto: Faksimil/Youtube | Den anonyme visselblåsaren i sitt avslöjande på Project Veritas.

(Nya Dagbladet)  En anonym visselblåsare avslöjar nu i detalj hur CBS News manipulerat och skapat ett falskt event där sjukvårdsanställda tvingats låtsas vara coronasmittade patienter i en av kanalens nyhetssändningar. Skandalen följer i spåren av ett liknande inslag från New York Times som av allt att döma fejkats med liknande metoder.

Den vänsterliberala nyhetskanalen ska ha fått sjukvårdsanställda vid Cherry Medical Center i Michigan att ställa upp sina bilar i en lång rad så att filmteamet kunde hävda i sin sändning att det handlat om en lång kö till sjukhuset för människor som väntade på att få behandling för coronaviruset. →

Läs mer & video: Project Veritas | “#ExposeCBS Michigan Health Center Workers Stage “Fake Patients” In COVID19 Testing Line For CBS News” (11:44) via — Nya Dagbladet

Disclosure for Healing | Poetry of Light — Voyages of Light – May 7, 2020

“Disclosure for Healing”

The disclosure is
Nigh my dear
This is not

Meant to harm
Or accuse anyone
But for healing

For the family
For the children
For you and

For me too
Out of Love


Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Poetry of Light
Image from Pixabay

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ECETI News: Facts about the Plan/Scam Demic — James Gilliland – May 7, 2020

ECETI News: Facts about the Plan/Scam Demic -- James Gilliland



Facts About the Plan/Scam Demic

The outbreak is a paper tiger, aggressive in spreading but mild to all but those who have a compromised immune system. “Usually the sick and elderly”. We are not saying there is no virus outbreak or diminishing the death of loved ones, we are saying let’s look at the facts.

There is no evidence to prove social distancing has any measurable impact on the spread of the infection. European countries had a quicker down turn of infections that did not do social distancing or practiced limited social distancing. Herd immunity was responsible for the decline of cases and the rapid downward curve. New evidence as suggested by Governor Cuomo of New York is saying the majority of new cases is from people who stayed at home prolonging the epidemic. →

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Förlängda testtillstånd för 5G från PTS — Strålskyddsstiftelsen – 7 Maj, 2020

(Strålskyddsstiftelsen)  Post- och Telestyrelsen har nyligen förlängt tiden för testtillstånd för 5G på 26500-27500 MHz till den 30 juni 2023. Dessutom har testtillstånd för 5G-tester i frekvensområdet 3,5 GHz förlängts till den 30 september 2020. Detta meddelar PTS på sin webbsida. Inga kontroller görs av ansvariga myndigheter om skador på människor och djur- och växtliv uppstår pga testerna. Det saknas helt forskning som visar att den kraftigt ökande strålningen från 5G inte leder till de allvarliga konsekvenser som många forskare och läkare varnar för. →

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Daily Quote for May 6, 2020 | Abraham-Hicks — Voyages of Light

Fear itself is not the impediment to your joyful life. But, fear is pointing at the impediment to your joyful life. And just as the feeling of fear is within you, the impediment is within you also.

Excerpted from San Francisco, CA on 3/8/14

Our Love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

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(Video x 2) X22 Report: Episode 2167 | Trump Using The [CB] To Cripple The Corrupt Banking System; Treason Doesn’t Pay Well In The End – May 7, 2020

Source: X22 Report

Report date: 05.06.2020

Is Trump Using The [CB] To Cripple The Corrupt Banking System? – Episode 2167a

Those in the MSM and who are pushing the idea that the economy will not recover will be exposed. Trump and the patriots have put certain mechanisms in place. The reports that are out now will feed into what the patriots plan to do, take this economy that has been pushed to the brink of destruction and brought it back to life. Trump has control over the [CB], is he using it to pressure or cripple the banking system?


Targets Have Been Painted, Treason Doesn’t Pay Well In The End – Episode 2167b

The [DS]/MSM are now pushing everything they have, if that doesn’t work they will push a FF. The patriots have now painted the targets, they are locked on, boom week coming.  This is just the beginning, those who committed treason will be held accountable.


Website: X22 Report

Thousands of Tortured Children Rescued and Found Dead by US Military — Judy Byington – May 6, 2020

Source: Before Its News | By Judy Byington

At first the number of traumatized children the US Military has rescued from underground tunnels run by the CIA Mind Control program was 2,100, then 35,000, then it grew to 50,000. Now a trooper involved in rescue efforts stated, “the count now of traumatized children (found dead or alive) was more like in the hundreds of thousands – generations who had never seen sunlight.”

The vast US underground tunnel system run by the Cabal and CIA, Q: →


BILL GATES: A Menace to Society Who Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity — State of the Nation – May 7, 2020

Billionaire Bill Gates went from creating
back doors for computer viruses … … …
to creating back doors for corona viruses

Posted on April 23, 2020 by State of the Nation

State of the Nation

Computer Viruses

Founder and former Microsoft chairman, chief executive officer, president and chief software architect Bill Gates was responsible for overseeing the creation of Windows (and MS-DOS), the original security hole-filled operating system which purposefully permitted the entry of so many computer viruses to gain entry into every PC on the planet.

Here’s why Bill Gates changed from creating operating systems
with backdoors for computer viruses to vaccines that make the
human body vulnerable to coronaviruses!

This complex conspiracy to allow the infiltration of every PC running Windows (it was named “Windows” because the Five Eyes were given several windows through which to peer into your computer) is obviously much larger than Bill Gates. Gates was merely chosen as the frontman for this covert DARPA project which ultimately necessitated that every PC be ‘protected’ with anti-virus software. That was the ultimate goal which duly captured the vast majority of PC users. Who knows what those cyber-security packages are really capable of doing once installed? →

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Credit: Public Intelligence Blog

The Portal: Cobra Update – May 6, 2020

The Portal Update: Victory Report -- Cobra

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Portal 2025

It is time to release some intel about the coming Ascension portal of 2025. Since the collapse of Alpha timeline in early 2018, no significant tactical intel about the planetary liberation can be released, so therefore this article will speak in symbols, codes and parables that can activate your higher mind and align you with the Plan, without revealing any tactical details whose release would be to disadvantage for the Light Forces.

Everything in this universe is subjected to many cycles of various length and intensity. These cycles are actually scalar waves of cosmic energies that create interference patterns which, combined with the sum of free will vectors, shape the destiny of the universe in dynamic interplay between the Source and the primary anomaly: →

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