(Video x 2) X22 Report: Episode 2168 | The Push To Open The Economy; Time To Wake Up – May 8, 2020

SourceX22 Report

Report date: 05.07.2020

Trump Knows, That’s Why We See The Push To Open The Economy – Episode 2168a

Business are starting to come back online, Farms are now coming back, the meat shortage will be taken care of in about 10 days. The WH is looking to move tax day from July to Dec now, to help the struggling economy. Trump knows, he always knew that once the economy opens up, it was going to do better than ever.


Knock, Knock, The [DS] Has You, Time To Wake Up, Flynn Exonerated, Pain – Episode 2168b

The [DS]/MSM and those elected Gov’s are showing their true colors, the people are waking up, they are realizing that the people they elected are trying to take away their rights, we are watching the great awakening. The DOJ dropped the case on Flynn, Van Grack withdraws from the case, the Mueller investigation never had evidence, it was all a lie. Pain is coming and the [DS] players are panicking.


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