Watch Bill Gates Laughing While Saying ‘We Take GMO Organisms & Shoot Them Right Into Little Kids Veins’ — Era of Light – May 28, 2020

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(Era of Light)

This disgusting video shows a giddy and gleeful Bill Gates laughing as he brags about ‘injecting genetically modified organisms into little kid’s arms’, it is painful to watch. But as you watch it, I want you to remind yourself this is the man whose father ran Planned Parenthood, who preached the gospel of eugenics at the Gates family dinner table, and who trained his son Bill to follow in those footprints, or should we say cloven hoofprints?  ⇲

Read more & video clip: “Giggling Bill Gates “We take GMO organisms & shoot them right into kids veins” (2:23) via — Era of Light