Art of Forgiving | Poetry of Light — Voyages of Light – May 29, 2020

“Art of Forgiving”

Beings who have
Abused or harmed
Others are moved

Intrinsically and sincerely
To reach out
Asking for forgiveness

Divinely guided they
Shall receive forgiveness
For their deeds

Forgiveness creates harmony
And mutual healing


Painting by Melani Pyke
Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Poetry of Light

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Daily Quote for May 29, 2020 | Abraham-Hicks — Voyages of Light

When you are in sync with the Energy of Source, which is the Energy of Well-being, Well-being is your experience. And when you’re not you don’t feel so good. Everything that you’re living is a perfect replica of the vibration of your being.

Excerpted from Houston, TX on 1/5/02

Our Love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

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The Top Three “Alternative” Treatments For Covid-19 That’ve Been Ridiculed By Mainstream Media | Collective Evolution – May 29, 2020

(Collective-Evolution)  “Fact-checkers” are patrolling the internet hard and censoring an enormous amount of content and specific media organizations, like Collective Evolution. Working simultaneously together with this fact-checker is mainstream media, which for the most part have become mouthpieces for the “establishment,” and have become a tool to promote information that just isn’t true or has very little backing while simultaneously  ridiculing anything that threatens their narrative. Big media’s connections with special interests from big corporations and government agencies alone is quite large. You can read more about that and find multiple examples in an article I published earlier on that specific topic that goes into more detail, here. →

Read more & video: “Exclusive: Madagascar’s president defends controversial homegrown Covid-19 cure” (17:41) via  — Collective Evolution

Dr. Kendrick: I’ve Signed Death Certificates During Covid-19. Here’s Why You Can’t Trust Any of the Statistics on the Number of Victims — Humans Are Free – May 29, 2020

Dr. Kendrick I’ve Signed Death Certificates During Covid 19. Here’s Why You Can’t Trust Any Of The Statistics On The Number Of Victims

(Humans Are Free)  By Malcolm Kendrick, doctor and author who works as a GP in the National Health Service in England. His blog can be read here and his book, ‘Doctoring Data – How to Sort Out Medical Advice from Medical Nonsense,’ is available on Amazon.

As an NHS doctor, I’ve seen people die and be listed as a victim of coronavirus without ever being tested for it.

But unless we have accurate data, we won’t know which has killed more: the disease or the lockdown?

I suppose most people would be somewhat surprised to know that the cause of death, as written on death certificates, is often little more than an educated guess. →

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Vita huset utfärdar anticensur-lag: “Yttrandefriheten den absoluta grundbulten för amerikansk demokrati” — Nya Dagbladet – 29 Maj, 2020


Foto: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0

(Nya Dagbladet)  Som väntat utfärdar USA:s president Donald Trump nu en presidentorder som ett tillägg till landets befintliga lag om massmediekommunikation. Ytterst hänvisas till den amerikanska konstitutionens första tillägg som garanterar yttrandefriheten i landet – något som presidenten deklarerar vara den absoluta grundbulten för amerikansk demokrati och nu ska garanteras gälla även på sociala medieplattformar. →

Läs mer & video: CNBC Television: “President Trump signs social media executive order” (5:43) via — Nya Dagbladet

(Video) Amazing Polly: Who’s Calling the Shots on Genocidal Vaccines? Fauci’s Wife Is Mrs. Mengele! — Public Intelligence Blog – May 29, 2020

(Public Intelligence Blog)

Text shockers below the fold. Thanks to Alert Reader

…and advocates communitarian “human sacrifice” for the “good” of the whole. Christine Grady, Head of the Human Research Experiments/Medical Ethics Section of the NIH — was also on the Presidential Ethics Committee Under Obama 2010-17.   Grady also just happens to be married to Dr. Anthony Fauci, while her sister Joanne just happens to be married to James Huskey, former US State Department diplomat posted to Kenya, and current contractor employed by the US State Department, likely to gatekeep any FOIA demands that could reveal the genocidal pharmacidical research on vaccines that has long been deceitfully and demonically done on the people of Africa, as well as CIA-coordinated human/child trafficking.  Below please see excellent time-pointed video investigative report by Amazing Polly, as well as, just below this, a link to an NIH-related powerpoint with Grady laying out her research “ethics” in her own words, followed by key excerpts of this powerpoint with contextual comments. →

Read more & video:”BOOM! Guess Who is Calling the Shots on Human Experimentation?” (22:44) via — Public Intelligence Blog

Let Go, Just Be… — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley May 29, 2020

The fear of the unknown is not a fear at all. The fear exists in how you feel you will act in and react to it. People constantly change and so will the situations. Why hold onto the fear of an ever-changing reality? Let go…just be…and all will be well. ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings

Politikerna måste agera nu. Lars Bern kräver ny strategi för Corona | SwebbTV – 29 Maj, 2020


(SwebbTV)  I detta telefonsamtal diskuterar Mikael Willgert och Lars Bern om strategin för hanteringen av Corona. Bern stödjer Moderaternas förslag om att etablera en kommission som leder krishanteringen. Trots att vi har försuttit tid är det inte för sent att agera. Avslutningsvis anser Bern att vi måste erkänna att vi gått fel och att politikerna måste börja agera för att rädda liv. →

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FCC Commissioner Calls 5G Opponents “Tin Foil Hat People” — Opponents Include U.S. Navy, NASA, NOAA, DoD, and More | Activist Post – May 29, 2020

Activist Post | By B.N. Frank

May 28, 2020

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to protect Americans by regulating the telecom industry.  Unfortunately, they have a long history as an embarrassingly corrupt agency.

Activist Post reported yesterday about their June 9 agenda to speed up 5G deployment despite increasing opposition from citizens, doctors, elected officials, environmentalists, as well as highly respected organizations and government agencies.  Regardless, one commissioner is dismissing this as conspiracy theory nonsense. →

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Immunity Passports Are a Threat to Our Privacy and Information Security — Activist Post – May 29, 2020

(Activist Post)

By Alexis Hancock and Karen Gullo

With states beginning to ease shelter-in-place restrictions, the conversation on COVID-19 has turned to questions of when and how we can return to work, take kids to school, or plan air travel.

Several countries and U.S. states, including the UK, Italy, Chile, Germany, and California, have expressed interest in so-called “immunity passports”—a system of requiring people to present supposed proof of immunity to COVID-19 in order to access public spaces, work sites, airports, schools, or other venues. In many proposed schemes, this proof would be stored in a digital token on a phone. Immunity passports would threaten our privacy and information security, and would be a significant step toward a system of national digital identification that can be used to collect and store our personal information and track our location.

Immunity passports are purportedly intended to help combat the spread of COVID-19. But there is little evidence that they would actually accomplish that. →

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