(Video) PrayingMedic: Qanon June 3, 2020 – All Systems Go

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After more than a week of nationwide rioting, Q says all systems are go for the military to restore peace.

Video (23:08) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxjqykvcXyI

Website: https://prayingmedic.com/

Swebbtv Nyheter 4 juni 2020


Swebbtv Nyheter 4 juni 2020 om kraveller, Coronaviruset, 5G-teknikens utrullning och mycket annat.

Swebbtv Nyheter 4 juni 2020 — SWEBBTV – SwebbTV (15:21)

Experter: Tyskland överdrev faran med coronaviruset – åtgärderna blev samhällsskadliga — Nya Dagbladet – 4 Juni, 2020

Coronavirusets farlighet motiverade inte alla restriktioner. | Foto: CanStockPhoto

(Nya Dagbladet)  En läckt tysk rapport visar att faran med covid-19 har överdrivits av tyska myndigheter och kommer till slutsatsen att vid ingen punkt var coronaviruset så pass farligt att det fanns något behov av att sätta in extraordinära åtgärder. Istället kan restriktionerna som myndigheterna satt in ha lett till omfattande lidande och skador.

Författarna har bland annat kommit fram till att de människor som dött av coronaviruset är i princip samma grupp som statistiskt sett ändå hade dött under året helt enkelt eftersom de av sjukdom eller ålder nått slutet på sina liv och hade mycket svaga kroppar som var känsliga både för allmän stress och för de cirka 150 virus som cirkulerar. →

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NEW July 2020 WEBINARS – China’s Secret Space Program — New Exopolitics.org – June 4, 2020

China’s Secret Space Program 3-Part Series on July 11, 18, 25 Plus, “Get Your Answers” on July 26 – All on Zoom with Brand New Presentations! – Enroll in one or all of the July presentations. – FREE Bonus: Enroll in 3-part Series & get “Get Your Answers” limited attendance VIP Q&A session on July… →

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Scientists increasingly say coronavirus was created in a lab — NaturalNews – June 4, 2020

Image: Scientists increasingly say coronavirus was created in a lab

(Natural News) First it was dubbed a “conspiracy theory.” Then it started to gain some traction in the conservative-leaning media. Now it is becoming part of the scientific consensus that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) was probably hatched in a Chinese laboratory.

It appears as though immunologists and geneticists everywhere are beginning to wake up to the fact that this thing is not a naturally occurring virus as the media has been claiming, but is rather a man-made bioweapon that prefers humans over animals, including bats. →

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Candace Owens: George Floyd was a violent criminal felon, and racially-motivated police brutality against blacks is a fabricated media myth — NaturalNews.com – June 4, 2020

(Natural News) Candace Owens, one of the most elucidating voices in black America, has declared she does not support George Floyd, whom she describes as a repeat felony criminal who carried out a multitude of violent crimes, including threatening a pregnant woman with a gun held to her torso. Floyd was sentenced to five years in prison for that armed robbery crime.

The lying corporate-controlled media doesn’t tell the public anything negative about George Floyd because he has to be shaped into a cultural hero in order to support the mass rioting now taking place across the country. So the media withholds the real facts about Floyd, including the fact that he was high on two different drugs (including fentanyl) at the time of his arrest. →

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Keep Growing! — The Creator Writings via Jenifer Farley – June 4, 2020

There will always be something created to be afraid of or shy away from.  It is up to you, dearest child, to decided if you will let it intimidate you.  The Universe is asking you to look into your heart, find the Truth and allow your Unconditional Love to keep growing! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Source: The Creator Writings

Dangerous nano-particles contaminating many vaccines: groundbreaking study – June 4, 2020

Jon Rappoport’s Blog


by Jon Rappoport

June 3, 2020

“The Lung,” Second Edition, 2014: “Nanoparticles [are] comparable in size to subcellular structures…enabling their ready incorporation into biological systems.”

A 2017 study of 44 types of 15 traditional vaccines, manufactured by leading global companies, has uncovered a very troubling and previously unreported fact:

The vaccines are heavily contaminated with a variety of nanoparticles.

Many of the particles are metals.

We’re talking about traditional vaccines, such as HPV, flu, Swine Flu, Hepatitis B, MMR, DPT, tetanus, etc.

To begin to understand some of the destructive effects of contaminating nanoparticles in vaccines, here is the groundbreaking 2017 study: →

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Hydroxychloroquine criticism is all about protecting Big Pharma profits | NaturalNews – June 3, 2020

Image: Hydroxychloroquine criticism is all about protecting Big Pharma profits

(Natural News) If you only listened to the mainstream media, you might think hydroxychloroquine is a risky medication that does nothing to help COVID-19 patients, but the truth is that it’s a drug that has been used for 65 years to prevent and treat illnesses like lupus, malaria and rheumatoid arthritis and has been officially labeled safe. Many doctors who have treated patients with COVID-19 have reported that it’s effective and safe when used early and in conjunction with azithromycin and zinc. →

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(Video) Robert David Steele: Riots as Sedition, NSA and OSA as Solution, Restoring Made in America & America the Beautiful – June 4, 2020

Robert David Steele is a former US Marine, CIA spy, and co-founder of the US Marine Corps Intelligence Activity.

SourceRobert David Steele

June 1, 2020

President Trump has lost the media narrative, in part because he still does not have loyal effective intelligence and counterintelligence.

In this short video former CIA spy, Robert David Steele discusses the riots (paid provocateurs, Somalis funded by George Soros, and dumb asses) that have been uniformly condemned by authentic black leaders that the President is NOT in touch with: authentic black leaders with grassroots depth and breadth.

Steele proposes that he get Bill Binney back into NSA immediately — with 100 people in 30 days Binney can nap all traitors including domestic seditionists and US Government officials (deep state) actively betraying the President and their Oaths of office. →

Read more & video (8:41): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2va9uepWYA&feature=youtu.be