(U.S.) Petition: Investigate Deep State Spying on Political Enemies – June 6, 2020

Investigate Deep State Spying on Political Enemies

“I think there was spying.”

These words by the Attorney General should send shockwaves through America.

American citizens – and even possibly a political campaign – were spied on, and the only question is whether it was “adequately predicated.” In other words, was proper procedure followed, or was there rampant political bias and Deep State abuse of our legal system? →

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Will Deep State launch False Flag Alien Invasion after exhausting global control cards? — Exopolitics – June 6, 2020


Shortly before his death in 1977, Werner Von Braun, a pioneer in both German and US  rocket programs, warned that a group of global controllers, aka Deep State, would systematically move through a series of false flag events or “cards”, that would be played in a sequence designed to ultimately militarize space and usher in a New World Order.

Von Braun gave his famous warning to Carol Rosin, who, from 1974 to 1977, was a corporate manager at Fairchild Industries, Inc., a major aerospace contractor that Von Braun had joined two years earlier. Rosin says that Von Braun asked her to be his spokesperson after being diagnosed with terminal cancer and revealed an elaborate plan by the US military industrial complex to weaponize space.

In a recorded video interview from December 2000 for the Disclosure Project, Rosin described the following sequence of false flag events Von Braun explained to her: →

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Continue Growing — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – June 6, 2020

Today, The Universe would like you to take some time to focus on your inner space.  Find where your love, tolerance, peace, compassion, kindness and empathy live.  If you find resistance during your search, ask yourself and The Universe, “Why?”  Every thought, feeling and idea is under your sole ownership and deserves equal attention.  If it is something you would rather release, thank it for its contribution to your life and let it go.  As a part of humanity, you owe it to yourself to continue growing in your light and you are loved and supported on your journey! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Source: The Creator Writings

(Video) Heavyweight Boxer Blows Whistle On Child Trafficking. Dropping Bombs (Ep 266) | David Nino Rodriguez – June 6, 2020


Premiered May 14, 2020

David “Nino” Rodriguez is an American heavyweight boxer. He was formerly ranked number 13 in the world by the WBC and number 12 by the WBA while 11 in the world by the IBA. During training for one of his fights, Rodriguez survived a brutal knife attack, the result of which was a near-death experience and a facial scar that runs clear from his ear to his chin.

David began telling others about his story through an anti-bullying campaign that started organically but has now begun to pick up momentum. He speaks to detention facilities and school districts openly sharing a story of himself being bullied and in return being a bully to others. →

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Credit: Judy Byington – BEFORE IT´S NEWS

Nine men are arrested as police smash one of Australia’s biggest sex rings – as cops reveal ‘children were being raped and filmed’ in the town where William Tyrrell went missing — Mail Online – June 5, 2020

One of Australia's largest child sex rings has been busted and nine men arrested after horror footage allegedly showing them raping young boys was shared on the darkweb

(Mail Online)  One of Australia’s largest child sex rings has been busted after disturbing footage of men allegedly raping young boys was shared on the darkweb. 

Nine men were arrested across Australia on Thursday – including seven in New South Wales – over accusations they sexually assaulted children and later shared videos of their horrific crimes online.

Two of the men – aged 21 and 26 – were charged with allegedly raping eight children in Kendall, where missing boy William Tyrrell was last seen in September 2014.

Australian Federal Police have refused to comment on whether they believe any men in the child sex ring have links to William’s disappearance.

One of the men previously worked at the childcare centre in the small country town. The Courier Mail reports. →

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Credit: Judy Byington – BEFORE IT´S NEWS

Det råder flaggmani bland svenska politiker sedan Coronapandemin slog till | Projekt Sanning – 6 Juni, 2020

(Projekt Sanning)  Som nog alla har märkt så är det flaggmani bland alla politiker allt sedan Coronapandemin slog till. Det är flaggmani även bland de politiker som så sen som 2015 talade om att visa sig vid den svenska flaggan kunde räknas som rasism mot dem som kommit till vårt land som “flyktingar”.
Vad är det som då har hänt, har även dessa politiker blivit “rasister” eller är det nu så att de vill visa en nationell stolthet, visa att de är svenskar?
Mats Knutson säger sig tolka det som om att partierna vill manifestera nationell samling i en akut krissituation. Man vill visa att vi alla är tillsammans för att bekämpa den här krisen. →

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När statens våldsmonopol blir vänsterextrem värdegrund ligger vi alla illa till | KATERINA MAGASIN – 5 Juni, 2020


Vid en Black Lives Matter-demonstration i Stockholm i onsdags kväll valde en ung kvinnlig polis att knäböja inför en skrikande mobb. Hon tog därmed ställning för en radikal och rasistisk rörelse som förespråkar apartheid och områden för enbart svarta. Hennes tilltag har hyllats av flera vänsterliberala debattörer, framför allt i mainstreammedierna, som även okritiskt köpt hela bilden av vad som just nu pågår, och som genom sin aningslösa hållning bidrar till samhällets sönderfall. För oss som vill leva i ett samhälle där polis främst ska försvara medborgare och oskadliggöra kriminella är gesten av en polis som kuvas av laglösa individer starkt oroväckande. Tankarna går till förnedringsrånade ungdomar som tvingas kyssa förövares fötter. →


George Soros: Yes, I Funded Riots — and So Did You! — Public Intelligence Blog – June 6, 2020

(Public Intelligence Blog)  Yes, George Soros Sent Money to Fund the Riots—and So Did Taxpayers Phi Beta Iota: #UNRIG must include transparent budgets for both public and non-profit organizations, with line-item public vetos. Two graphics on how to get there are below the fold. →

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey censoring those who want law and order (including the President) while aiding and abetting domestic terrorists — NaturalNews – June 5, 2020

Image: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey censoring those who want law and order (including the President) while aiding and abetting domestic terrorists

(Natural News) Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is openly censoring those who want law and order in the United States. Dorsey even took down President Donald Trump’s tweets about the violent riots taking place across America — scrubbing the President’s call for law and order.

Aiding and abetting violent gangs across America, Jack Dorsey condones the destruction that the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movement have imparted throughout America’s cities. On the official Twitter account, Jack Dorsey filled the header with #BlackLivesMatter and will continue to celebrate their activism, even if that activism continues to threaten innocent lives, vandalize monuments and burn down buildings, while destroying the lives of law enforcement in the process. →

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