The Hemispheres | Kryon via Lee Carroll — Voyages of Light – June 8, 2020

June 8, 2020
From Kryon Book Thirteen – The Recalibration of Humanity

The Hemispheres

The wisdom of the Ancients in the Southern Hemisphere is beginning to replace the wisdom of the Ancients in the North. And you’re starting to see a softer Human Being.

Spiritually, the old souls are alerted to this shift first and are beginning to receive the biological changes. You expected it and it’s here. This process is being felt by the entire planet. Those disruptions you see in countries right now, which have not had disruptions for hundreds of years, are a result of this change – for this is what takes place when humanity begins to have more compassion, when they wish to unify more than be separate, and new thoughts and wisdom start to occur.

through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

via Voyages of Light