(Video x 2) X22 Report: Episode 2110 | Time To Change The Economic System; Final Stage Revealed – June 29, 2020

Source: X22 Report

Report date: 06.28.2020

It’s Time To Change The Economic System, [CB] In The Cross Hairs – Episode 2110a

The stimulus money is now being delivered to the people. Trump wants a second round of stimulus, but the IRS was delivering stimulus to deceased people, this was stopped.  The [CB] is now in the cross hairs, Rand Paul just like his father would like the [CB] removed. It is now time.

Video(13:41): youtube.com/watch?v=WUTW7qo80z0

[HT] Access Closed, [DS] Panic, The Final Stage Revealed From The Beginning – Episode 2110b

The [DS]/MSM have now deployed everything they got to stop turn the elections in their favor. They are pushing the events, but the people around the country have woken up and more and more are waking up to the realization that they do not want to live in a [DS] country. The plan is going exactly the way it suppose too. The [DS] players will be held accountable, we are in the final stages.

Video(51:34): youtube.com/watch?v=43atgWnaPnc

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