Honey The Dolphin Finally Dies After Being Abandoned In An Aquarium Alone For 2 Years Is Now Known As The “World’s Loneliest Dolphin” | True Activist – July 8, 2020

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(True Activist)  It’s a well-known fact that dolphins are one of the world’s most intelligent animals. From their sociability, familiarity and friendly behavior they portray with humans, dolphins have been one of those animals that have long been loved by humans. Even until now, researchers continuously discover new information about dolphins and their unique skills and sophistication that have only been seen with humans before!

Similar to humans, dolphins are also capable of brutally mistreating each other and yet, despite our shared humanity, we have seen so many inhumane acts that humans have done to dolphins throughout the years. Perfect examples of these inhumane acts are the destruction of their habitats because of pollution and illegal poaching of these poor, intelligent animals. →

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