(Video x 2) X22Report: Episode 2226 — V For The Economic Recovery | People Are Demanding Change – July 17, 2020

Source: X22 Report

Report date: 07.16.2020

V For The Economic Recovery, Must Be The Pent Up Demand – Episode 2226a

The economic system is now starting to look like a V recovery, more and more people are going back to work and the first time jobless claims are dropping. June retails sales shot up by 7.5% surpassing the 5.2 percent expected. Homebuilder optimism explodes higher. The system is ready to push forward. The people did not have to pay interest on taxes, but the IRS has pay interest on returns.

Video(19:24): https://youtu.be/Uqr5pS-dFng

It Has Begun, People Are Demanding Change, Do You See What’s Happening – Episode 2226b

The [DS]/MSM narrative is falling apart. The Silent Majority is now speaking out, those who are tabulating the numbers are being questioned. People are now questioning the masks and Fauci says that he objects to a study to see if masks are effective. Trump and the patriots have goaded the [DS] into showing the people what they have planned.

Video(32:12): https://youtu.be/M-tke894Ge0

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