Here Are The Top Highlights From Ghislaine Maxwell’s Unsealed Court Records | Waking Times – July 31, 2020

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge
Waking Times

Dozens of exhibits related to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were unsealed Thursday evening, providing insight into allegations against the financier and his purported ‘madam,’ as well as other high-profile individuals, including Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and several other people whose names one can only guess (and the internet has).

The documents, related to a 2015 civil defamation lawsuit against Maxwell by Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, were ordered to be released on July 23 by US District Judge Loretta Preska – which also included flight logs from Epstein’s private jets, as well as police reports from the multiple locations where Epstein maintained residences. →

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(Video) Personer får meddelanden om att de har Covid-19 men de har aldrig testats | NewsVoice – 31 Juli, 2020

(NewsVoice)  Hundratals människor över hela USA klagar över att de blir kontaktade av medicinska kliniker som hävdar att de har bekräftats positiva för Covid-19, men dessa människor hävdar att de aldrig testats. Ben Swann på ”Truth in Media” rapporterar. →

Video: “Reality Check | Investigation: COVID Positive Results for People Who Were Never Given Tests?” (12:58) via — NewsVoice

Medical Kidnap: America is Led by Murderers – What Can Citizens Do? – July 31, 2020

Dr. Anthony Fauci is employed by the United States government in the National Institute of Health. He is not an elected official, and has been in office for 38 years during the tenure of 6 presidents, and probably has more power than the Office of the President of the United States. Is he “untouchable?”

Medical Kidnap

Commentary by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

July 31, 2020

There is overwhelming evidence that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, is guilty of mass murder.

Earning huge profits from the pharmaceutical industry, he has been the main leader in the United States controlling the Coronavirus response, which has included squelching public information about hydroxychloroquine, a safe FDA-approved drug which has been in the market for decades, and which thousands of doctors are now saying has a 100% cure rate for patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

This action alone has led to tens of thousands of needless deaths, as well as billions of taxpayer dollars spent on “new” cures for COVID-19, such as the very profitable Remdesivir, and the upcoming COVID vaccines.

He seems to wield more power and influence than even the President of the United States.

So is there no way to stop him or bring him to justice? →

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(Video) EXAKT24: Nya skräcksiffror från EU; Zuckerberg erkänner politisk censur; Kristet Hagia Sofia byggs i Syrien – 31 Juli, 2020


Video(9:03): EXAKT24

Zuckerberg till kongressen: ”Facebook är opartiskt” | Nya Dagbladet – 31 Juli, 2020

(Nya Dagbladet)  I kongressens hörande av techjättarna vidhåller Mark Zuckerberg att Facebook är helt och hållet politiskt opartiskt. Zuckerberg hävdar till och med att man även samtalar med konservativt inriktade intressegrupper när man tar fram sina policyer. Dock kunde han inte ge några exempel på någon sådan grupp som varit involverad när kongressledamoten Greg Staube ställde honom mot väggen. →

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Daily Quote for July 31, 2020 | Abraham-Hicks — Voyages of Light

Relative to our children or any children with whom we would interact, our one dominant intention would be to give them a conscious understanding of how powerful and important and valuable and perfect they are. Every word that would come out of our mouths would be a word that would be offered with the desire to help this individual know that they are powerful. It would be a word of empowerment. We would set the Tone for upliftment and understand that everything will gravitate to that Tone if we would maintain it consistently.

Excerpted from Chicago, IL on 7/19/97

Our Love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

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Human Moments | The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – July 31, 2020

You are human, and you will have human moments. Surprised? (Smiling) Rather than allowing them to be all-consuming, recognize them for what they are, release them to be transformed to good, knowing you have added to the knowledge and wisdom of your true self.  Existing in this time/space may be somewhat challenging and the road a bit bumpy but, you can rest assure that you are always supported by The Universe. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Source: The Creator Writings

Current Upgrades, Downloads, Activations & Attunements ∞The 9D Arcturian Council | Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – July 31, 2020

Current Upgrades, Downloads, Activations & Attunements ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very pleased to announce that the flow of energies to the human collective is moving along quite nicely, and more individuals are absorbing those energies than ever before there on planet Earth. You have been working on opening yourselves up for quite some time. You have become aware of the upgrades, downloads, activations, and attunements that are available to you at all times, and you have demonstrated an ability to welcome those energies in that will assist you in making better choices. →

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