The Downfall of Pedophilia in Europe | Rinus Verhagen – Aug 7, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

August 6, 2020

Pedophilia in Europe, and their downfall.

The movement of US troops from Germany to Belgium is now also becoming clearer.

The Deep State Satanist Elite of Europe (Macron and his Mother, the Belgian royal family and Dutch pedophiles, Joris Demmink, Rutte and co, Guy Verhofstadt) their time is up.

Organ political party D66 (Demons 666) cocaine sniffers, before 15 September the whole Deep State in Europe is dismantled, and the countries are sovereign again.

Nothing but nothing can stop the cleansing, to deliver mankind from these wicked Satanists.

Their assets and possessions are now in conflict with the crimes against humanity.

Only now we get the information about their methods and tentacles to the Elite Adrenochrome pedophiles. →

Read more & video: “Chad ldr promises to punish group who planned to fly children to France” (4:18) via OpDis