(Video) “We Are All In Trouble” – They Don’t Want This Out | Prepare For Change – Aug 9, 2020

Prepare For Change

Video: “”We Are All In Trouble” – They Don’t Want This Out” (9:18) via — Prepare For Change

Alternative News | Humans Are Free – Aug 9, 2020

Where Do We Draw The Line? At Wearing Masks Or Taking Vaccines?

Where Do We Draw The Line? At Wearing Masks Or Taking Vaccines?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that we are headed to a Chinese Communist-style social credit system based on receiving a COVID vaccination. We need to reject the mask now.

This is a test. If we accept masks, they’ll know we will accept mandatory vaccines. →

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Death Is Not The End Reincarnation

Death Is Not The End Of Our Life Force Energy

Most people will experience some form of grief in their life, due to loss. It is helpful to remember that grieving is a process, not a permanent condition. →

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Zach Vorhies

Google Whistleblower: The Company Is Guilty Of Treason And Selling Data To China

Spiro Skouras interviews Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies who also worked with Google-owned YouTube.

Zach realized that Google was trying to overthrow the U.S. government and was selling data to China, and therefore delivered hundreds of pages of internal documents from Google to the Department of Justice. →

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It’s Time To Revisit ‘The Truman Show’

The Truman Show (1998) Storyline

Since birth, a big fat lie defines the well-organised but humdrum life of the kind-hearted insurance salesman and ambitious explorer, Truman Burbank. →

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Symptoms Of The Collective Awakening

11 New Symptoms Of The Collective Awakening

During the run up to 2012 the world was fascinated by the idea of the shift, that is, an awakening that first takes place within the individual, then radiates outward into our communities and societies at large, changing the world for the better. →

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If Bill Gates Was President…

Bill Gates was recently asked by Yahoo Business what would he do if he were president. In this interview James Corbett of CorbettReport.com joins Spiro to ask the very same question, only to arrive at a much different conclusion. →

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(Video) SGTreport: NO OTHER PRESIDENT WOULD DARE DO THIS!! – Aug 9, 2020

Source: SGTreport

Aug 8, 2020

President Donald Trump is doing things no other President in the history of the United States has dared to do, and in the process he’s making some very powerful, very wealthy, very evil people very angry. Pray for this man.

Video(4:26): https://youtu.be/pFP0OniDvNU

More News: http://sgtreport.com/

Mother Earth | Poetry of Light — Voyages of Light – Aug 8, 2020








“Mother Earth”

Mother Earth – Witness humanity awakening
Mother Earth – We honour your fields

Images… your visible beauty
Pictures of your magnificence

A future so bright which you offer us
Source Energy Beings birthed into form
Opening our eyes for the paradise that
Is beckoning to us
And your patience
Encourages us

Each time your forgiving nature touches our souls again
The visions and prophecies you show us
Let us stand as one

Mother Earth – United we are, for eternity
Mother Earth – We rise to our soul destiny

Written 2nd-8-2020
Released 8th-8-2020

Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Poetry of Light
Image from Pixabay

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The Law Of Compassion And Love… | The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – Aug 8, 2020

Many, many people are experiencing one of the most traumatic events of their lives and may say and do things out of the ordinary.  Those of you ‘in the know’ are capable of handling most of what comes your way with grace and ease, however, most are not.  This is where the Law of Compassion comes in.  When you feel yourself losing patience, ask that you be shown a way to move through the situation in the highest and best way.  Asking The Universe for assistance is sending more love into the world which will, in turn, come back to you. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Source: The Creator Writings

Forbes Tells Readers “You Should Not Do Your Own Research” | Collective Evolution – Aug 9, 2020

Collective Evolution

Aug 8, 2020


The Facts:

An article written by astrophysicist Ethan Siegel Ph.D. in Forbes tells readers it is dangerous to do your own research on important topics of our time. He suggests we should only listen to experts.

Reflect On:

Why do we hold on to ideas even when new evidence tells us it’s time to question? What state of being identifies so strongly with ideas of the mind that we think those ideas are our identity? →

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President Trump declares war on Big Pharma to save America from the criminal pharmaceutical cartels | NaturalNews.com – Aug 9, 2020

Aug 8, 2020

(Natural News) You may recall that a couple of months ago, after President Trump announced “Operation Warp Speed,” I became concerned that he was going all-in with Big Pharma on the coronavirus vaccine. After I voiced my concerns, I was contacted by a person very close to the president who assured me Trump was absolutely NOT jumping in bed with Big Pharma and that he would be, in fact, taking strategic steps very soon to protect Americans from Big Pharma’s predatory practices. →

Read more & videos: Trump: “I have a lot of rich enemies. You won’t see me for awhile.” (0:13) and “Big Pharma has absolute LEGAL IMMUNITY on all coronavirus vaccines” (8:13) via — NaturalNews.com

Om Sveriges demokratiska utveckling – Fjärde statsmakten 55 med Arne Weinz | SwebbTV – 9 Aug, 2020



8 Aug, 2020

Docent Kyösti Tarvainen har skickat ett mail från Finland till Sveriges Riksdag där han informerar om att svenskarna är i minoritet i Sverige inom 40 år med nuvarande invandring. Han informerar också om att majoriteten av invandrarna till Sverige är muslimer medan det i till exempelvis Danmark är 1 av 20 invandrare som är muslim. Dessutom har Danmark bara en åttondel av Sveriges invandring. →

Läs mer & SwebbTV: “Om Sveriges demografiska utveckling – Fjärde statsmakten 55 med Arne Weinz.” (58:50) via – SwebbTV

(Video) Visselblåsaren Zach Vorhies från Google avslöjar en farlig agenda | VAKEN.se – 9 Aug, 2020


8 Aug, 2020

En insider vid namn Zach Vorhies som jobbat på Google och specifikt med Youtube delar med sig av vad han upptäckte när han jobbade på Google. Zach Vorhies blev en visselblåsare när han upptäckte vad han ansåg var grova brott mot hela länder.

Läs mer & video: Spiro Skouras: “YouTube / Google Whistleblower Reveals A Dangerous Agenda!” (51:23) via — VAKEN.se

The Part of Yourself that Knows All ∞The 9D Arcturian Council | Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – Aug 8, 2020

The Part of Yourself that Knows All ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are excited to introduce all of you to a side of yourselves that you may not have known existed. We are referring to the side of yourselves that knows everything. There is a part of you, and it is inside of you, that understands the consequences of every action. There is a side of you that knows what you are moving towards in every moment. There is a side of you that knows about the entirety of your history in all of your lifetimes, and that part of you does not exist anywhere near your physical mind. →

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