(Video x 2) X22 Report: Episode 2266 — [CB]s Know What’s Coming | Go Back To The Beginning For The End – Sept 3, 2020

Source: X22 Report

Report date: 09.02.2020

[CB]s Know What’s Coming, They Just Projected What Gold Is About To Do – Episode 2266a

The employment numbers are moving up, the economy is improving, ADP reports 428,000 jobs were created, next we will get the BLS numbers. The people are now leaving cities and mortgages are up 28%. Factory orders are up and the V is taking shape. Trump is making a move to stop people from being evicted. The [CB] banks always knew that their fiat system would fail, they have been preparing for a longtime.

Video(20:10): https://youtu.be/LjuUJMuTH0E

It’s All Happening, Follow The Logs, Go Back To The Beginning For The End – Episode 2266b

The [DS]/MSM are now becoming desperate, they have lost the narrative for both events, they are now getting ready for another event to distract. Crimes against humanity has brought into the picture, more declassification of documents exposes the entire Russian collusion hoax.  Flynn’s 302 is on deck, follow the logs, we need to go back to the beginning for the end.

Video(43:06): https://youtu.be/u7uUQlZrI34

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(Video) PrayingMedic: Qanon September 2, 2020 – How is Blackmail Used?

Source: prayingmedic

Sept 2, 2020

Q lists some of the political figures who have been involved in child sex abuse.

Video(26:23): https://youtu.be/0tM3dbA09k4

Website: https://prayingmedic.com/

Police Raid & Arrest Pregnant Woman For Creating Facebook Event About COVID-19 Lockdown | Collective Evolution – Sept 3, 2020

Collective Evolution | By Arjun Wali


The Facts: Zoe Buhler, a 28-year old pregnant woman was arrested in her home in-front of her children and partner for organizing a peaceful protest on Facebook regarding Covid-19 lockdown that was set to take place this weekend.

Reflect On: How far have we come when so many citizens around the world can disagree with governments, yet they (governments) still have the power to do whatever they want against our will under the guise of protecting us?

What Happened:

Read more & video:“Pregnant woman being arrested, handcuffed and terrorized by Victoria Police” (2:47) via — Collective Evolution

Flowers of Love | Poetry of Light — Voyages of Light – Sept 2, 2020

“Flowers of Love”

So many flowers
Forming a painting
Of wonderful colours

Choosing the most
Appealing ones to
Create a bouquet

Is like selecting
Your favourite poems
For your book

Accept them all
With open arms


Art by Dima Dmitriev
Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Poetry of Light

via Voyages of Light

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner | September 1, 2020 — Voyages of Light

A Channeling from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner September 1, 2020

Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I greet you today with love and solace for the challenging times you now find yourselves in on the earth. We are well aware of what you are experiencing. We are monitoring every situation and everything that you are going through right now. We wish that we had a magic wand and that we could take away your troubles. But this is not the way that a planet ascends.

Read more via Mira from the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner | September 1, 2020 — Voyages of Light

She’s a Weirdo | Poem by Valerie Donner — Voyages of Light – Sept 2, 2020

She’s a Weirdo

By Valerie Donner

She’s a weirdo!
Heaven forbid!
She read out of the main stream!
Look what she did!

She’s a free thinker
And not a political animal.
She wants the truth
And isn’t a criminal.

What does it take
To support someone like that?
You have to open your eyes
And disregard the crap!

She’s a weirdo
And has a different diet!
One thing you count on;
You won’t see her at a riot!

She stands for unity
And doesn’t let polarity divide.
She’s a free thinker
And doesn’t want to be taken for a ride!

What does it matter
If there are weirdos around?
Some might be lost
While others could be found.

We might want to welcome
The weirdos into our life.
They could make things easier
And soften the strife.

by Valerie Donner via Voyages of Light