(Video x 2) X22 Report: Episode 2274 — Trump Just Projected Part Of The Economic Plan | People Are Breaking Free Of The Narrative – Sept 13, 2020

Source: X22 Report

Report date: 09.12.2020

Trump Just Projected Part Of The Economic Plan – Episode 2274a

The economy is coming back strong and now we are beginning to see inflation, this is the beginning stages this is why the Fed is now using a different method to explain away inflation. Interest rates are lower again and we are seeing an uptick of mortgage applications. The D’s are trying everything they can to get funding for their states, it is not working. Trump projects part of his economic plan.

Video(16:44): https://youtu.be/YCFguAxiwGo

People Are Breaking Free Of The Narrative, For The First They Can See Clearly – Episode 2274b

The [DS]/MSM narrative is falling apart, they are now caught in their own lies and people are waking up. People are watching everything and they are logically thinking, the plan is failing rapidly. What the people are witnessing is the 16 year plan, it is now being presented to the American people and they see how the [DS] wants to destroy the country, the people are rejecting this.

Video(44:56): https://youtu.be/AVVn5LPyaI0

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