(Video) David Wilcock: Time Travel Secrets Revealed… And Why It Matters Today! – Sept 18, 2020

Source: David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)

Streamed live on Sep 16, 2020

What if the searing problems of today are already hurtling towards a fore-ordained conclusion? What if that conclusion is not only ‘good,’ but incredibly positive and world-transforming?

Is the DOD planning on giving us full disclosure… regardless of any in-process attempts to keep it partial? What was the Roswell Cube? Are this and other technologies still in use today?

Was ‘The Plan’ to save planet Earth transmitted into the 1950s with highly classified and super-advanced ET technology?

Will we become a time-travel-capable society  in the aftermath of disclosure? How does that change reality as we know it? What is the nature of time and how do we ensure that we maintain our course trajectory on the most positive timeline?

Join David as he explores these and many other fascinating questions… with fresh new intel from various insiders, two of whom are no longer with us. Don’t miss it!

Video(4:22:35): https://youtu.be/2ZXZIlWh8vk