(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2286 — IMF & The Global Elite Just Fell Into The Trap | Judgement Day Is Coming – Sept 25, 2020

Source: X22Report

Report date: 09.25.2020

IMF & The Global Elite Just Fell Into The Trap, Watch What Happens Next – Episode 2286a

The globalist are moving ahead with their plan, Gov Newsom has now placed a ban on gas powered vehicle which will be effective 2035. Their plan will fail, the economy continues to improve, durable goods move higher. The global economy is imploding, the countries that are under the their rule have no way out. The US is different, the patriots have been preparing for this and has now trapped the [CB].

Video(20:53): https://youtu.be/Cfrh5wXCNUk

Operators Are Standing By, Some Will Exit Early, Judgement Day Is Coming – Episode 2286b

The walls are closing in on the [DS] players, more information has been declassified and the world is getting a sneak peak into the real corruption. As soon as the data was released there were major outages across the country. The information that was dropped shows it was an orchestrated plan and the FBI, CIA, DOJ had no predicate to start the investigation. Judgement is coming, operators are standing by some will exit early.

Video(41:12): https://youtu.be/OICxZPUuVps

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