The Decision Is Yours | The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – Sept 28, 2020

Your world is on the cusp of a massive change.  Over the past few weeks, humanity has moved closer and closer to proverbial line in the sand, the place where thought and action meet.  Some may be viewing this with trepidation, others with anticipation.  Regardless of how you are feeling, The Universe is caring for and supporting you.  The decision is now yours and your alone…continue to stand in one place or take the next step and fly. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Source: The Creator Writings

Downloads Leading to Full E.T. Contact ∞The 9D Arcturian Council | Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – Sept 28, 2020

Downloads Leading to Full E.T. Contact ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very curious about the way that humanity will process all of the downloads that you have coming to you. There are more downloads than you can imagine coming your way about current extra-terrestrials, as well as the involvement of e.t.s with the evolution of the human consciousness there on Earth. You all have relationships to e.t.s that span many lifetimes, and you have all incarnated somewhere else in the galaxy before coming to Earth, which means you have all been extra-terrestrial, from your vantage point.

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Bekräftat: Stort hål i Estonias skrov – kan vara spränghål | Nya Dagbladet – 28 Sept, 2020

852 människor dog i Estoniakatastrofen. | Foto: Faksimil/Dplay

Nya Dagbladet | Källa: NB Nyhetsbyrån

Dokumentärfilmare kan nu bekräfta att det förlista fartyget Estonia har ett stort hål i skrovet. Redan tidigare har experter rapporterat om hålet och bedömt att det orsakades av en sprängning. Svenska myndigheter har konsekvent förnekat uppgifterna om ett hål i fartygets skrov.

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Daily Teachings of the Masters | September 27, 2020 — Voyages of Light

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Are you ready?

Ready for more of you?

We ask you to be faithful to the self.

To really listen now to the inner self.

It may be as simple as realizing that you really want blueberries, rather than strawberries in that smoothie you are making.

You are moving from living an unconscious life to one where you are in a full state of awareness.

You higher self is in the process of merging with you as you, as you will permit.

Do you see the importance then of listening to, and submitting to this higher claim of realization?

This will enable you to return to your natural gifts and abilities once again.

Honor this important matrimony of the heart.

Attendance to the inner self.

via Voyages of Light

(Video) 3D to 5D Consciousness: Ruth B. Ginsburg’s death, Trump’s vaccines, & False Flag Attack Exposed from 5D – Sept 28, 2020

Source: 3D to 5D Consciousness

Sept 27, 2020

R.B. Ginsburg is another victim of the Rommel death. Trump and the Alliance’s “vaccines” are almost ready, which means mass arrest is around the corner. I’m exposing the false flag operation that changed everyone’s life in 2001. I’m covering it from 5D perspective.


(Video) SGTreport: BANKSTERS, WET WORKS & PEDO NETWORKS – Sept 28, 2020

Source: SGTreport

Sept 27, 2020

Researcher Mark Anthony Taylor returns to SGT Report to expose the shadowy organization which likely plays a direct role in wet works of Banksters – with ties to money laundering and pedo networks, these are some of the people you should be hearing about on the nightly news, but never ever do.


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Mysterious beams: Directed energy weapons (DEWs) linked to wildfires in California and Oregon | – Sept 28, 2020

Natural News | September 27, 2020 by: Zoey Sky

Experts warn that California still hasn’t reached the peak of 2020’s fire season, but some say that the wildfires are occurring due to something manmade: A directed energy weapon (DEW).

California wildfires have destroyed a record-breaking 2.2 million acres in 2020

According to theCalifornia Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), 2.2 million acres have burned so far – but the wildfire season is only just beginning.

Two of the three largest fires in California’s history are still burning in the San Francisco Bay Area:


The Feeling | Poetry of Light — Voyages of Light – Sept 27, 2020

“The Feeling”

You seem distant
As if you
Live somewhere else

In a paradise
Where nature is
Growing in abundance

Waiting on the
Bridge of intention
The feeling present

What happens when
I join you?


Art by Vittorio (Vidan) Dangelico
Poem by Jasper Kesteloo
Poetry of Light

via Voyages of Light

(Video x 2) X22 Report: Episode 2287 — How Do You Change The Economic Landscape | How Do You Introduce Haiti & The Children – Sept 27, 2020

Source: X22Report

Report date: 09.27.2020

EU Is Now Panicking, How Do You Change The Economic Landscape? – Episode 2287a

Trump is now in the process of changing the economic landscape in the US. He is now building opportunity zones and building up the poor neighborhoods. The EU sees the writing on the wall, Trump is changing the economic landscape internationally.


The [DS] Players Took The Bait, How Do You Introduce Haiti & The Children? – Episode 2287b

The [DS]/MSM is in the process of being exposed. We are now moving into crimes against humanity. ACB was nominated for the SC position. How do you introduce Haiti and children in the public realm? Flynn will be free in 30, watch September. The patriots are the majority, they are now pushing back.


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Bring Free Speech Back to Social Media… Now! | Humans Are Free – Sept 28, 2020

Social Media Censorship

Humans Are Free | By L. Brent Bozell III

The war between conservatives and Silicon Valley is on. The scions of social media are no longer hiding their disdain for an entire movement.

They know the outcome of this high-stakes presidential election could jeopardize their rule over the American people and unmake the oligarchy they’ve built with the rest of the ruling class. If we are to save the republic, we must realize this too — and act.

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