(Video x 2) X22 Report: Episode 2287 — How Do You Change The Economic Landscape | How Do You Introduce Haiti & The Children – Sept 27, 2020

Source: X22Report

Report date: 09.27.2020

EU Is Now Panicking, How Do You Change The Economic Landscape? – Episode 2287a

Trump is now in the process of changing the economic landscape in the US. He is now building opportunity zones and building up the poor neighborhoods. The EU sees the writing on the wall, Trump is changing the economic landscape internationally.

Video(16:13): https://youtu.be/FkxJbZJi93g

The [DS] Players Took The Bait, How Do You Introduce Haiti & The Children? – Episode 2287b

The [DS]/MSM is in the process of being exposed. We are now moving into crimes against humanity. ACB was nominated for the SC position. How do you introduce Haiti and children in the public realm? Flynn will be free in 30, watch September. The patriots are the majority, they are now pushing back.

Video(36:51): https://youtu.be/7eV5gpZI38k

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